BTS Rewind: Wonder what a Wooga Squad vacation with V aka Taehyung and Park Seo Joon is like? WATCH VIDEO

Updated on Jun 17, 2020 05:17 PM IST  |  12M
Wooga Squad's 2019 vacation didn't include The Heirs star Park Hyung-sik, who began his mandatory military training last year in June.

BTS member V shares an extremely close bond with his BTS brothers, especially his '95 soulmate, Jimin. However, Taehyung is also a part of Wooga Squad, the members of which are also like his family. Along with TaeTae, the Wooga Squad also includes Itaewon Class star Park Seo-joon, Parasite star Choi Woo-shik, The Heirs star Park Hyung-sik and Walk singer Peakboy. The boys met on the sets of the hit K-drama, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and have been inseparable since.

In 2019, the Wooga Squad sans Hyung-sik, who began his mandatory military training last year in June, went on a vacation to Jeju-do and had a gala time. As a part of his VLOG, or V's Log, V documented not just his Chuseok holiday with his family but even his Wooga squad trip as well. The VLOG starts off with the handsome boys doing a carpool karaoke of Women on the Beach by Cool and jamming to the beats while eating bread. We also get to see them party on a yacht with Taehyung being nervous to dive into the water but his squad motivated him to just jump, which he eventually did. Moreover, we get to see Seo-joon having a morning workout session post breakfast with Taehyung, Woo-shik and Peakboy playfully dancing around him.

V had also shared several photos from the Wooga Squad vacation on BTS' official Twitter page and made sure to include a photoshopped Hyung-sik in one of the snaps.

Check out V's Wooga Squad vacation VLOG and photos below:


Where can we sign up to join the Wooga Squad?!

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Moreover, the remaining half of V's VLOG was dedicated to his beloved dog, Yeontan, who as we know has a fandom of his own due to his undeniable cuteness and bond with the Singularity singer.


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