BTS: RM and Suga may have subtly spoiled D 3 countdown; ARMY now believe it's Yoongi's AGUST D 2 announcement

During DJ Suga's Honey FM 06.13 session with RM, the Bangtan leader may have subtly spoiled the announcement of AGUST D 2, which fans are relating to the D-3 countdown. Read below for more details on the same.
There are speculations that the BTS D-3 countdown could either be a Suga or Jungkook mixtape.There are speculations that the BTS D-3 countdown could either be a Suga or Jungkook mixtape.
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The most exciting thing about being a part of ARMY is the endless source of content one gets to fuss and obsess over. While there is plenty of BTS music to keep you company during the quarantine period, we also have the members showing off their solo talent with mixtape and singles. RM, Suga and J-Hope have already released their mixtapes, which have received immense love and appreciation while V had also ventured into solo endeavours with the release of his recent single, Sweet Night, which was a part of Itaewon Class OST.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment caused major hysteria amidst ARMY for releasing a D-7 countdown along with a hazy photo of an unidentified person. As we're now at D-3, the photo is becoming more clearer but still, ARMY is left confused if it's an announcement about Jungkook's first or Suga's second mixtape. Well, Yoongi and RM may have subtly spoiled what the D-3 countdown is about during a recent DJ Suga's Honey FM 06.13 session. While the boys were talking about the progress of Suga's Agust D 2, Yoongi laughed as he shared, "What I can tell you now is, that the music will not be released anytime soon. Not close at all," to which Namjoon quizzed, "Not close?" Suga replied, "Not today or tomorrow."

"It's a shame," RM stressed while Yoogi added, "Please wait for a while and I'll come back with good music." "Please keep working on it," Namjoon pleaded while Suga added, "Okay."

ARMY believes that this is how Suga and RM may have spoiled the D-3 announcement. Check out ARMY's Twitter reactions below:

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If AGUST D 2 is infact releasing in 2020, it will be the sequel to Yoongi's first mixtape, AGUST D, which released in 2015 and received major props from critics while fans appreciated the message he was sending with his music on dreams and freedom. For the unversed, Suga's alter-ego name AGUST D was derived from his name being spelled backward and initials of his hometown, Daegu Town.

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