BTS: RM posts photos from his museum adventures; Jimin looks perfect in a white tee and jeans combo

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BTS: RM posts photos from his museum adventures; Jimin looks perfect in a white tee and jeans combo

ARMY can unanimously agree that whenever the members of BTS take to Twitter to share selfies of their ultra handsome faces, our hearts flutter with sheer joy. It's difficult to get over the good-looking septet who are so fashionably forward and it's hard to keep up with even their hair colours. Moreover, the members also keep updating the fandom on what they have been up to when they manage to steal some alone time away from their hectic schedules with August 2020 being a particularly busy month.

For RM, this means going on his Namjooning adventures! This time, the Bangtan leader visited Amorepacific Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea and shared some aesthetic snaps from the same. Namjoon kept it casual cool in a grey oversized tee with a black boat hat. Also, RM's huge KAWS collection found a new addition - Kaws: Holiday Space, which cost around USD 390 dollars. Namjoon posed with the figurine for an adorable selfie donning a bluish-grey tee which compliments his blue-green hair for BTS' Dynamite comeback.

On the other hand, Jimin shared two selfies of himself looking snazzy while rocking a simple white tee with blue jeans, black shoes, a black newsboy cap worn backwards, silver framed spectacles and dangling silver earrings. There's also the trademark Jimin pose with a pout and a boop to one cheek that's now a fan-favourite.

Check out RM and Jimin's latest tweets below:

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We adore these boys and how!

Some ARMY members are theorising that MiniMoni could be hinting at a possible sub-unit for BTS' next album. Do you guys think it's a clue? Let us know your theories in the comments section below.


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Anonymous : Minimoni are best !!
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Anonymous : I like jimin's silver framed spectacles.They are so.....nice and he looks handsome too.....
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Anonymous : I totally agree
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Anonymous : Look at mochi how cute and joonie is also cute haan .
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