BTS: RM recommends a Korean song to encourage ARMY; Jin wants to sell his Run BTS DIY outfit worn by Jungkook

RM shared a Kim Kwang-seok song with ARMY as his recent recommendation to give a listen to. Meanwhile, Jin replied to a fan post who shared the BTS member's reactions to his 'princely' creation on Run BTS' latest episode, which was worn by Jungkook.
RM and Jin were the recent BTS members to be active with ARMY on Weverse.RM and Jin were the recent BTS members to be active with ARMY on Weverse.
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BTS is keeping themselves very busy, in spite of the entire glove slowing down due to the COVID-19 situation. ARMY are being treated with new content every week as the septet is giving it their all to keep the fandom entertained during such troubling times. Not only is BTS gearing up for the release of their fourth Japanese album, Map of the Soul: The Journey but the members are also working on their next album, which is looking at an October release.

Moreover, the BTS members have been constantly in touch with ARMY through Weverse, V Live and Twitter posts. Take RM for example. The Bangtan leader is known to expand the music knowledge of the fandom with his interesting song recommendations. Very recently, Namjoon shared an old Korean track to motivate ARMY. Kim Kwang-seok's Don't Think Too Deep was RM's latest choice. For the unversed, Kwang-seok was an iconic South Korean musician who was famous in the late 80s and early 90s.

Kwang-seok will always be remembered for his heartbreaking songs that spoke volumes about individuals dealing with sorrow and loneliness. As per fellow ARMY member @doyou_bangtan, a part of the English translated lyrics from Don't Think Too Deep go as, "Don’t think too deep about the times that can’t return, for only sadness returns. Don’t think too deep for even this moment, which has become a friend to loneliness remains as a lovely song."

On the other hand, we had Jin who recently replied to a fan post, which referenced Run BTS' latest episode. To give you some context, the members had to DIY a new outfit, which would be adorned by another member. Jin's 'princely' creation, which was a mix of feathers, angel wings, floral and jazzy colours, was an outfit that absolutely no one wanted to wear. Moreover, the other members were elated to not have picked Jin's name including the fashion designer himself. Jungkook turned out to be the scapegoat who had to wear the attire but unsurprisingly, The Golden Maknae pulled it off really well and actually looked like a prince. When the fan commented on how frustrated Kookie was while everyone else was elated, Jin quipped, "I will sell the clothes, just bargain," as per the English translation by fellow ARMY member, @leys_ash.

Check out RM and Jin's Weverse posts below:

We adore Namjin and how!

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Meanwhile, on the seventh anniversary of BTS, i.e. June 13, 2020, RM had penned a heartwarming letter for ARMY on Weverse. A part of his essay reads as, "As I read through the overflowing number of news stories today, also, I had this thought. What is different around the world now compared to seven years ago, ten years ago? In that time, what have I achieved? My hollow shouts, my meaningless motions... and the warm love from places all around the world that did not leave them as they were. In the midst of my floundering helplessness, I continue to mull over what I can and cannot do. In this way, I live out my seventh year. I thank you for giving me life and for allowing me to never give up. That you so much. I will work hard, just like I've shouted through the seven years. Starting from Bang Bang Con tomorrow! Still, as ever, I hope that my love is being delivered to you. I love you more than love, ARMY. - Namjoon."

On the other hand, Jin recently made headlines, thanks to his Map of the Soul: 7 solo track, Moon. For the longest time, ARMY tried to ask NASA to name the Moon after Jin and one fan in particular, @JinMoonphany, tweeted, "Yeah I am posting a lot about Jin at the moment because I want @NASA to give him the moon. But I swear I'm a hard OT7 stan. I love them all so much. They are literally the reason why I even smile. NASA actually ended up responding to the fan and tweeted back, "The Moon already belongs to everybody, even Seokjin."

Furthermore, Map of the Soul: The Journey is releasing on July 15, 2020. The title song, Stay Gold, is already out and managed to hit #1 on iTunes Top Songs chart in 82 countries. Moreover, the track topping the US and UK charts makes BTS the first Korean act to have a Japanese single top those respective charts.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Namjoon truely motivates us .... in fact not only him but also BTS does... at least they helped me overcome my grief when I had mental breakdown because my exams got cancelled (and I was sure to get good marks which is now no more possible.... )

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I will buy Jin's outfit as fast as I can!! I'm just waiting when are they starting selling it!!!??

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I'm very happy to hear that namjoon is creating a new song for armys if my English bad so sorry I'm still learning but I'm sure that namjoons new song will be famous

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Armyzzz Worldwide Handsome...

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

fact....jin likes things standing on his head...!!!like in the floral run episode to...he had antena on his head!~!!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Run bts episode 104 and 105 were amazing. Jin was sooooo himself. He never fails to make armies laugh. Saranghae Kim Seokjin

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Jin's creation was haute couture at its finest!!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Joon u alwys motivate us....

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

If he should want to sell that i woll buy it. I really enjoyed that episode.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Very happy to see you

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

if jin wants to sell his creation I am sure ARMY will buy it at a high price and it will be sold fast.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Were BTS lives at and what BTS next song and what BTS for number


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