BTS singer V sole Bangtan Boy in Top 10 Stylish K Pop Idol list; BLACKPINK’s Jennie finds 8th spot

The Talko released a list of Top 10 K Pop Idols With The Best Fashion Sense and Taehyung was the only BTS member on the list.
BTS singer V sole Bangtan Boy in Top 10 Stylish K Pop Idol list; BLACKPINK’s Jennie finds 8th spot
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There is no denying all the BTS members have a unique style statement. RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook and V have time and again giving us some fashion goals. But if you have been debating over who's the stylish BTS member, The Talko has tried to put the debate to rest with their new poll. The media platform which boasts of several million readers and over 7.88 million subscribers on YouTube, released their list of 10 K-Pop Idols With The Best Fashion Sense. 

Surprisingly, their list featured only one BTS singer. Taehyung was the only Bangtan Boys member to feature on the list. The Sweet Night hitmaker found the fourth spot on the list. "(BTS) is great and each member of the group has their own super unique and cool sense of style, but when it comes to fashionable members of BTS, no one can beat V," the outlet wrote. 

"V is constantly turning heads with his hair colors, but there's something else about his sense of style that fans have noticed: he loves Gucci. Even though most of us can't afford the same designer-filled wardrobe that K-Pop idols like V can, that doesn't mean that his head-to-toe Gucci outfits can't give us some style inspiration," the outlet added. 

The singer was placed beneath Red Velvet’s Joy and Apink’s Son Na-Eun. SEVENTEEN’S The8 topped the list. The8 wasn't the only SEVENTEEN member on the list. SEVENTEEN's MinGyu grabbed the ninth spot on the list. Others on the list included BLACKPINK's Jennie and Big Bang's G-Dragon. Check out the complete list below: 

10 K-Pop Idols With The Best Fashion Sense


Red Velvet’s Joy

Apink’s Son Na-Eun


Big Bang’s G-Dragon


Girl’s Day’s Yura




What are your thoughts on the fashion list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Jennie should actually get a higher ranking as she is very stylish and knows what suits her and what does not

Taehyung you're so perfect
Love you angel ❤❤

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