BTS: V aka Taehyung's China fan club sets new record by raising 1.2 billion won for his birthday

Updated on Sep 28, 2020 11:55 PM IST  |  5.1M
BTS singer V celebrates his birthday in December
BTS: V aka Taehyung's China fan club sets new record by raising 1.2 billion won for his birthday

BTS singer V celebrates his birthday on December 30. While there are about three months left to his birthday celebrations, his fan club in China has already begun preparation for the big day. Renowned BTS V stan club, Baidu V Bar, had announced that they were raising funds for special celebrations for the Winter Bear crooner. The club has revealed that they have already raised 1.2 billion won funds, according to Dispatch. The feat was achieved in merely 80 days. 

AllKPop reports that the fund-raising event raised 1 million CNY in just one minute. The team collected a whopping 6 million CNY in just 59 days and 14 minutes. The team had collected 6.47 million CNY until August 23, 2020, according to the international website. The feat has led to the Chinese fan base achieving the milestone of setting a new record of raising the fastest and highest funds for an event connected to an idol in the history of K Pop. Last year, the fan club reportedly raised a fund of 500 million won. There are no two ways that this year, Taehyung's birthday celebrations are going to be massive. 

Veteran ARMY members might be aware but for the baby ARMY members who are still learning their ways around international fan bases, Baidu V Bar catches the fandom's eyes every year for their elaborate birthday celebrations for the idol and have been in the news for their philanthropic work. Back in July, the fan club caught everyone's attention with their donation towards establishing an elementary school in China, Taehyung Hope Primary School. 

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Anonymous : I love you BTS and I love you V I'm A.R.M.Y FOREVER! together....forever....:) 민 민트
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : This is freaking crazy....1.2 billion won...Why on earth does he need 1.2 billion for his freaking b'day...Bts is cool but this is crazy... when there is a world to be fed here they are spending on something stupid
REPLY 9 1 year ago
Anonymous : China is Taehyung land amazing
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : Love you sweet heart V stay blessed and have a great day
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : I am so excited December 30 ❤
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : That’s My b’day tooo
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : That’s My b’day tooo
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : China army rocks!!
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : v I what to meet you I am your biggest fan of you and jimin love you both
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Army, we are awesome. Tae deserves all that and more. I purple you.
REPLY 10 1 year ago
Anonymous : حبكم BTS احبك V❤️❤️❤️
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : He deserves lots of love and happiness
REPLY 21 1 year ago
Anonymous : Oppa,I am not in love with you for just because of your handsome face now I am not only froud of you for your voice..I purple uuuuuuu..keep shinning,you r my destiny..I think I am living just because of you...I start loving myself just because of you.Take care,stay healthy and wealthy.. Hope we met oneday..# Indian Army.
REPLY 57 1 year ago
Anonymous : As TaeTae said, ARMYs are his best friend and TaeTae is our best friend. TaeTae, you are the bright light in this darkness that we are all going through. We love you! Borahae :) (Thank you to all the ARMYs that supported for this worthy cause!)
REPLY 31 1 year ago
Anonymous : I think it's really a proud thing for v ☺️
REPLY 40 1 year ago
Anonymous : Chinese army are always like this they always did something that made our boys proud.
REPLY 42 1 year ago
Anonymous : the humble king KIM TAEHYUNG, the action of fans r the reflector of their artist
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Anonymous : I am so happy for taehyung having lots of loving fans
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Anonymous : Omayghaaddddd. God bless you guysss
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Anonymous : Wt army is doing for Tae, he will be very proud. Tae is really an amazing person he deserves more and more in the world
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Anonymous : Wow amazing... Fans club ARMY in china....
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Anonymous : WOWOWOWOW!!!! Thank you so much Army's!!!!!!!!!
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Anonymous : Who are you?? Are you Kim Taehyung our lovely and cute bias
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