BTSxCorden: Black Swan Live to Ashton Kutcher picking up Jin; 5 Best Moments from BTS on The Late Late Show

Whether it be their first LIVE performance of Black Swan or literally bringing Run BTS to Los Angeles with a game of Hide and Seek, it was indeed a memorable appearance for BTS on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Check out the Bangtan Boys' 5 Best Moments from James Corden's talk show below.
It was indeed a memorable night for ARMY as BTS conquered The Late Late Show with James Corden.It was indeed a memorable night for ARMY as BTS conquered The Late Late Show with James Corden.
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BTS finally descended on The Late Late Show with James Corden and gave us some memorable moments to ponder over. First up, ARMY was super excited to see the Bangtan Boys' live performance of Map of the Soul: 7's pre-release single, Black Swan. And after watching the performance, we can say for sure that everyone will be left spell-bound. Every member shined in their own might and gave us a performance to remember and get hyped up for the rest of the album, which drops on February 21, 2020.

One of the other highlights on BTSxCorden was the Hide and Seek segment where James Corden and Ashton Kutcher had to find the septet (four members to win!), who creatively hid in the best of places. Ashton played the part of the seeker to a t, even though it was James who eventually won the game. The Ranch star had ARMY screaming as he picked up both Jimin and Jin like it was no big deal. The interview segment, though short, gave us a sassy J-Hope response when asked what would he do if he forgot a choreographed step. "I don't care," J-Hope quipped.

Check out 5 Best Moments from BTS on The Late Late Show below:

Black Swan Live

ARMY has been waiting for Black Swan's Live performance ever since the song was first released and not disappointing them, BTS delivered an emotional, riveting performance that was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Dressed in all-black attires we see Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook's swan-like dancing skills in full flow while the Sope (Suga+J-Hope) moment had everyone screaming as well. Let's not forget Jin, who also got a huge pop and deservedly so!

Jin getting carried by Ashton Kutcher

In what was a Run BTS comes to America moment, James Corden and Ashton Kutcher played a game of Hide and Seek. There were many memorable moments but the one everyone is going to be talking about is how Ashton found the World Wide Handsome Jin inside The Late Late Show photobooth getting his handsome face clicked, then picked Kim Seokjin up, bridal style and took him all the way to the monologue stage. There was also Jimin, who was picked up like cargo by Kutcher and ARMY wished they could have traded places with the That 70s Show star.

ARMY snitching on RM and latter snitching on cameraman Jungkook

During the Hide and Seek segment, ARMY assisted James Corden by revealing RM's hiding place, which was behind the curtain. The award for the best hiding spot definitely went to the Golden Maknae Jungkook as he pretended to be a cameraman. However, Kim Namjoon cleverly revealed Jungkook's hiding spot and Ashton was able to catch him.

Map of the Soul: 7 Tease

When James Corden asked BTS on what we can expect from Map of the Soul: 7, RM teased, "The title is 7. It's been seven years since our debut... we got seven members here. So, seven is really a special number for us. We practiced so hard for the tracks and the dance routines, ofcourse. So, please stay tuned for the album. It's going to be hot."

Suga hoping for a BTS Stage at Grammys 2021

James Corden brought up BTS' historical Grammys 2020 performance, as they are the first Korean artists to perform at a Grammys stage. When asked what was the most memorable Grammys 2020 moment for the Bangtan Boys, J-Hope gushed, "Everything about that night was so special. Alicia [Keys] mentioned BTS and K-pop, I couldn't believe it," to which RM added, "K-pop was finally recognised, by Alicia." However, it was Suga's reaction that got the big pop. "Next year, BTS Stage too," Suga hoped.

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Which was your favourite moments from BTS on The Late Late Show with James Corden? Let us know your picks in the comments section below.

While we wait for the official videos to hit the Internet, let's go back memory lane and watch BTS playing a hilarious game of Flinch. 

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