Cardi B REVEALS her favourite way to have sex

Rapper Cardi B has shared a tip on how to enjoy sexual intercourse.
Cardi B REVEALS her favourite way to have sexCardi B REVEALS her favourite way to have sex
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On Sunday, the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker posted a video in which she opened up about her favourite way to have sex.

"So it has come to a conclusion that the best way to f**k is with the TV on," she said as someone off the camera was heard giggling at her candid confession, reports

She explained that when the light is on, she can see her partner's face and wants to pop his "pimple". "I can't focus at all. But when the light is off, it's too dark...," said Cardi, who is scared of the dark.

She went on sharing her fear about how monsters are coming out when it's dark.

"You look beautiful when the TV light is on. That's the best way to do it," she added.

Prior to sharing the candid confession, the "I like it" rapper posted another video to slam critics of her unnatural body.

The 26-year-old rapper has been honest about her decision to undergo cosmetic surgeries, but there are some people who are strongly against them and have called out the new mother for her "fake" body.

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