Cardi B SLAMS allegations of ‘queer baiting’ in Wild Side video; Asks media to STOP ‘pressurising artists’

Updated on Jul 25, 2021 06:30 PM IST  |  106.3K
Cardi B SLAMS allegations of ‘queer baiting’ in Wild Side video; Asks media to STOP ‘pressurising artists’

Rapper and singer Cardi B recently addressed the backlash she’s been getting. For the unversed, a media house accused the WAP singer of “queer baiting” after she made an appearance in Normani‘s Wild Side music video.


Today, the singer took to Twitter to fire back at allegations made by a magazine that claimed that she was among the celebrities who have capitalised “on the suspicion that they may be romantically involved with another same-sex person for the sake of publicity, promotion or a capitalistic gain.” Firing back, Cardi tweeted: “I’m married to a man but I have express soo much about my bisexuality and my experiences wit girls. All of a sudden ‘queer baiting’ is the new word & people use it to the ground.”


The 29-year-old singer added, “I don’t like this new ‘queer baiting’ word. I feel like it pressure artist to talk about their sexuality or their experiences that they don’t feel comfortable speaking about. If a artist kiss a girl on a video does that means she gotta show videos & text wit wit other women?” 


The article in question was written by Rolling Stone and mentioned Cardi’s and Normani’s recent collaboration. It read: “Most recently, Normani was criticized on Instagram by a user and accused of something similar, which was later shared across Twitter. In her recent video for her song ‘Wild Side,’ featuring Cardi B, the two are pictured naked and gyrating against one another.” 


Apart from this, the song Wild Side is considered to be one of Normani's most successful songs. Previously, Normani, along with Meghan Thee Stallion, Rosalia and Kylie Jenner had made a cameo Cardi B's WAP video.


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