Cate Blanchett Birthday: When the actress reacted to Harry Styles being her style doppelganger

Cate Blanchett is an amazing actress but beyond that, she has also served as a style inspiration for a former One Direction member.
On Cate Blanchett's birthday looking at the time she spoke about Harry Styles' fashion Cate Blanchett Birthday: When she spoke about Harry Styles being her fashion twin
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Cate Blanchett is a fabulous actress and has with each performance shown that she's capable to pull off any role. With an Academy Award to her name, Blanchett has starred in several major films an including the Marvel franchise where she starred along with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston in Thor Ragnarok. When it comes to Blanchett's style, it's classic but appealing and well, we totally get why there was a time when former One Direction member Harry Styles was taking inspiration from her. As she celebrates her birthday on May 14, we take a look at the time she spoke about her style and fashion doppelganger Harry Styles.

Back in 2017, Styles and Blanchett were spotted wearing similar outfits and many fans believed that it was Styles who was taking style inspiration from the Australian actress. During her appearance on The Ellen Show, Blanchett was asked about her 'style doppelganger' and the actress had a rather amazing reaction to it.

When Ellen asked if she knew Harry Styles was reportedly copying her looks, the actress seemed quite surprised. She was later shown a series of pictures where her and Styles can be seen wearing outfits that resemble in colours and design. Commenting on their matching styles, Blanchett first reacted saying, "This is so random."

She later joked about who was pulling off the same outfits better and asked Ellen, "Who wore it better?" "Who's sitting here now? If Harry comes in next week, you can change your mind, but for now [it's me]", she further added.

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Although, the fund didn't just stop at that. Quickly pointing out the outfit that she had worn for the interview, Blanchett said, "He would look great in nude and red." To this, DeGeneres cracked up saying, "He would look great nude."

While Blanchett revealed that she hadn't met Harry, we believe that their meet could certainly be an epic one. Imagine the duo sporting a matching out.

On the professional front, Blanchett was last seen in FX's mini-series, Mrs America. Her upcoming projects also include Todd Field's next directional venture titled TAR and the psychological thriller film, Nightmare Alley with Bradley Cooper and Carol co-star Rooney Mara.

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