Céline Dion Recalls Taking Up to 90 Milligrams of Valium To Cope Up With Her Health Struggles

Céline Dion opened up about living with her rare disorder, stiff-person syndrome, for almost 17 years. She looked back on her tough times with gratitude in her new documentary I Am: Celine Dion.

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Céline Dion-  I Am: Celine Dion / Youtube
Céline Dion- I Am: Celine Dion / Youtube
Key Highlight
  • Céline Dion opened up about her rare condition called stiff-person syndrome (SPS)
  • Following her SPS diagnosis, the singer began her treatment for it in August 2022

Health setbacks seem difficult for everyone, whether they are celebrities or ordinary people. But sometimes a person's health struggles become much more personal when they last for 17 years or more. Just like Céline Dion, who reflected on her issues with gratitude after managing undiagnosed stiff-person syndrome symptoms for almost two decades.

She recalled the symptoms that started showing in the mid-2000s, including muscle spasms, difficulty breathing (and thus, singing), and, most severely, crisis episodes during which her entire body would lock up and cause terrible pain. From then on, her relationship with pills, doctors, medical aid, and hospitals began, leading her to try several remedies, from steam showers to all other solutions. Read ahead as she talks about her journey below. 


Céline Dion revealed that she took 90 milligrams of Valium to cope with an event 

Céline Dion, known as the Queen of Power Ballads, recalled that doctors advised her to take prescription medications, including muscle relaxers like Valium.

"We started with two milligrams to see if it would help, then 2.5, then 3, and eventually 15 and 50," Dion said, noting that the medication began wearing off so quickly that at one point she took 90 milligrams of Valium to power through a performance.


However, she later admitted that it could have been fatal and only worked for a few days or weeks before losing its effectiveness. Dion stated that she did not understand how fatal consuming such high doses could be, but she has learned from her mistakes today. 

Céline Dion speaks more about her illness 

Following her SPS diagnosis, the singer began her treatment for it in August 2022. She chose a treatment plan involving medication, immune therapy, vocal therapy, and intense physical rehabilitation five days a week.

"The good thing that's on my side is that I love doing all these things," she added. Later, her doctor,  Dr. Amanda Piquet, also shared how her condition is often misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease. Alas, she said that 2 in every 100,000 people are fighting SPS, which currently has no cure; however, with proper treatment and care, it can be kept under control. 


Meanwhile, Dion is all set to give her fans an in-depth look at her fight against SPS in the new documentary, I Am: Celine Dion (streaming globally on June 25 on Prime Video).

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