Chace Crawford REVEALS if Blake Lively and Penn Badgley's breakup caused friction on the sets of Gossip Girl

Chace Crawford, who played Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl, was asked if Blake Lively and Penn Badgley's real-life breakup caused drama amongst the GG cast. Read below to know what Chace had to say on the same.
Chace Crawford also quipped that he could come back as a dad on the Gossip Girl reboot.Chace Crawford also quipped that he could come back as a dad on the Gossip Girl reboot.
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Ever since news broke out that Gossip Girl, which is still our favourite guilty pleasure series about a couple of Upper East Siders, is getting a reboot, fans have been reminiscing about the six seasons! Chace Crawford, in paticular, has been bombarded with questions about whether we could see a cast reunion in GG's reboot version. According to the makers, the reboot will take place eight years after the events of our five titular characters - Blair Waldorf, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and Dan Humphrey.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen had a very personal Gossip Girl centric question to ask Chace. We all know that before there was a Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, the actress dated her GG co-star and You star Penn Badgley. Ultimately, the couple fizzled but continued to drive forward the story of Dan and Serena. In accordance with the past relationship, Crawford was asked if Blake and Penn's real-life relationship and breakup caused drama amongst the cast. To this, Chace cleared the air and revealed, "Not at all. Not in the least. Most mature people in the world."

Watch Chace Crawford's interview below:

While Blake and Ryan are happily married since 2012 with two kids and another one, on the way, Penn tied the knot with singer Domino Kirke in 2017.

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When a WWHL caller asked Chace about the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot, the handsome actor quipped, "No one called me. I was really upset about it. I'm teasing. It's great. I mean I could maybe come back and play a father. It'd be nice."

Furthermore, Crawford shared that he felt very old when he heard about the GG reboot. "My birthday was last week, I heard it, I was like, 'Oh my God, they're already remaking our show.' So that's a lot of fun," he added.

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