'Changing And Growing': Anthony Michael Hall Talks About His Recent Roles And Shares His Favorite John Hughes Film

Legendary actor Anthony Michael Hall talked about his upcoming role in Netflix's Trigger Warning, where he plays a malevolent U.S. senator. He also reflected on his bond with John Hughes. Read on.

Updated on Jun 14, 2024  |  02:35 PM IST |  54.8K
Anthony Michael Hall - ( Trigger Warning/ Official Trailer ) - YouTube
Anthony Michael Hall - ( Trigger Warning/ Official Trailer ) - YouTube

Hollywood has given us a few legendary actors over time who have made a mark and continue to entertain us. One such gem is Anthony Michael Hall. The evergreen star of 1980s hits such as The Breakfast Club, Vacation, and Weird Science is still thriving at 56 with a tremendous career spanning more than 50 years.

The versatile actor is playing all sorts of roles at the moment and has surely cemented his place in the industry. "It's about having thick skin and just being tenacious," said Hall. "It's also about adapting, changing, and growing."

Meanwhile, in Netflix's upcoming Trigger Warning, streaming on June 21, Hall plays a malevolent U.S. senator who gets on the wrong side of an ex-Special Forces commando (Jessica Alba). The versatile Hall also shared his surprising favorite TV show and recollections of his movie mentor.

Anthony Michael Hall on his favorite John Hughes flick 

Anthony Michael Hall appeared in four John Hughes movies, but the actor wasn't his favorite. Reminiscing on his career, Hall is grateful for his start with director John Hughes, whom he credits for his success and whose work he still admires, particularly Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

"I'm a huge fan," says Hall. "Because there's so much great humor, but at its core, it's really just about friendship," the star added. The actor also keeps an enduring spot in his heart for Hughes, who died in 2019.


"I'm grateful for how I started and for John Hughes. Without him, I wouldn't be here talking to you," says Hall. "I miss him."

Anthony Michael Hall on his secret to staying relevant in Hollywood 

Anthony Michael Hall said flexibility was the key to success in Hollywood. He recalled creating Sixteen Candles with Hughes, his film mentor, and shooting three takes of the messy aftermath of the high school party blowout at studly Jake Ryan's house. The two were inspired by the wrecked set in the rented house and the tomb-like glass table clad in beer cans.

He also mentioned that he had a lot of fun working with Hughes, as his scripts were very funny. Hall added that he was all about putting in the work but also taking creative chances.

Meanwhile, on the professional front, he has a series of flicks lined up, In his personal life, Hall welcomed his first child last June at age 55 with his wife, Lucia Hall. 

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