Charlotte Flair FIRES BACK on her WWE suspension and USD 100,000 fine: This whole thing landed right on stupid

Charlotte Flair took to Twitter to respond coldly to WWE's strong punishment for brutally attacking a referee during this week's Monday Night Raw main event.
Charlotte Flair questioned WWE's "audacity" to fine her. Charlotte Flair FIRES BACK on her WWE suspension and USD 100,000 fine: This whole thing landed right on stupid
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Charlotte Flair unleashed her heel persona in full swing during this week's Monday Night Raw after her main event match against Asuka, which she lost due to Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley's interference. As the referee was checking on The Empress of Tomorrow and didn't see Rhea breaking the Figure-Eight hold, The Queen brutally attacked the WWE official and even with the addition of two other referees, Charlotte couldn't be contained until she wanted to.

As a punishment for her gruesome action on Raw, WWE official Adam Pearce revealed on Raw Talk that Flair was not just suspended indefinitely but was also fined USD 100,000. Reacting to the grave punishment was Charlotte herself as she tweeted, "This whole thing sped past ridiculous, jumped over absurd and landed right on stupid. The top two wrestlers in WWE having a classic match on the flagship show, and for what? To be ruined by a petulant child with Road Warriors cosplay shoulder pads."

"They found one other thing as well: audacity. The audacity to fine me. The audacity to physically remove me from MY RING and remove me from a building with MY NAME on the marquee. The fine? The suspension? Adam Pearce? All the same, a joke," the 35-year-old wrestler further tweeted.

Check out Charlotte Flair reacting coldly to her WWE suspension and hefty fine below:

We're loving Charlotte Flair's sassy confidence!

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Do you think it was fair for WWE to suspend and fine Charlotte Flair for her actions on WWE Raw? Share your honest thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

WWE should suspend and find her and hopefully the ref will file suit against her as well.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Yes it is fair because he was not a wrestler and she left the ring then climb back in a attack him again and was told to left by other referee and this is not the first time she done this in fact several times and because she think she is above everyone and I think WWE need to enforce it more like property damage and attack in and out of the ring is not wrestling