Chernobyl breaks THIS record previously held by Game of Thrones; Deets inside

Chernobyl, HBO's recent miniseries, has become the talk of the town. The show is based on the nuclear blast of 1986 in USSR.
Chernobyl breaks THIS record previously held by Game of Thrones; Deets insideChernobyl breaks THIS record previously held by Game of Thrones; Deets inside
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Social media has been buzzing ever since HBO released episodes of Chernobyl. The miniseries has caught everyone's attention with its gruesome visualisation and spine-chilling plot. For the unversed, Chernobyl is based on the Chernobyl disaster from the 1980s. The catastrophic nuclear accident which took place in April 1986 at the nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in USSR made a lot of noise. While there were attempts to cover up the accident, the attempt failed and eventually the world found out. The miniseries goes deep into the tragic accident and recounts the cause of it, political repercussions and the impact on human and environmental. The show has become so popular that it went on to break a Game of Thrones record. 

As per a Deadline report, the tragic USSR incident based miniseries has garnered more viewership that GoT on HBO Go, HBO Now, and other platforms. The site confirms 52 percent of Chernobyl's viewership comes from HBO Go, HBO Now, and other OTT platforms, adding that no other show has garnered more than 50% of its viewers through these outlets. Game of Thrones did not surpass the 46 percent mark on the digital platform, even during its final season. 

That's not all. The HBO miniseries poses a high ranking on IMDB’s all-time TV rankings with a 9.7 out of 10. To top it off, the show has led to an increase in tourism in Pripyat, where the incident took place. The venue was closed until 2011 after the blast polluted the air so badly it became difficult to stay. However, after watching the show, USA Today reports that the venue has seen a 30 percent hike in tourists. Victor Korol, director of the tour company SoloEast, informed Fox News that the Ferris Wheel at the venue's abandoned amusement park and the power plant's reactor unit are popular sites. 

Have you watched the show yet? Let us know your thoughts on Chernobyl in the comments section below. 

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