Chinese Canadian pop star Kris Wu arrested over alleged rape accusations

Updated on Aug 17, 2021 03:07 PM IST  |  124K
Kris Wu earlier denied accusation made by teenager that he had sexually assaulted her while she was drunk


Kris Wu, a Chinese-Canadian pop artist, has been arrested on suspicion of rape in a high-profile case stemming from allegations that the singer sexually attacked a 17-year-old girl while she was drunk and enticed young women into sexual relationships. In a statement issued on Monday, the People's Procuratorate of Beijing's Chaoyang district stated it had authorized his arrest "on suspicion of rape."

However, Wu, 30, previously denied sexually assaulting the girl when she was drunk. According to The Guardian, the allegation elicited an outpouring of internet support for the youngster as well as condemnation of Wu. Wu, a former member of the Korean boyband EXO, allegedly lured seven women with promises of employment and other opportunities, according to the teen. She said that several were under the age of 18, but did not specify if any were under the age of consent in China, which is 14. Meanwhile,Wu, also known as Wu Yifan in Chinese, has denied having sexual relations with anybody under the age of 14.

According to a police statement at the time, Wu was arrested on August 1, as police launched an investigation in response to internet remarks that he had "repeatedly enticed young ladies" to have sex. The teenager made her allegations public on social media and in an interview with the internet site NetEase later. At least ten companies, including Porsche and Louis Vuitton, canceled sponsorship and other agreements with Wu the day after the interview was published.

Meanwhile, since the victim's allegations, additional claimed victims have come out online, accusing Wu's staff of predatory behavior, including bringing them to boozy karaoke parties.

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Anonymous : From what I have researched, They met once - may have had sex, but then she stayed for lunch with him and then they had an online relationship for a few months - then he stopped replying. So she wants revenge for him dumping her.. she got help from some guy to make multiple fake posts about crimes she said Kris committed and he has been mercilessly crucified on social media. Being a Canadian citizen; the chinese gov is using him as an example. I really hope the Canadian Embassy will get involved and make certain he is given fair treatment. I also really hope this all blows up in her face!! She has ruined him and I believe his is innocent from what I have learned. No I am not a big fan, I am aware of him, but I am more upset about how a female says fire and people see the flames when there isn't even any smoke. I pray for justice in this case.
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