Chris Brown REVEALS he will be a father for the second time

Chris Brown is set to become a father for a second time with ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris. The fans just can't keep it calm after this news broke.
Chris Brown,Hollywood,Ammika Harris,Nia GuzmanChris Brown REVEALS he will be a father for the second time
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Chris Brown was hinting towards this but finally broke his silence that he will be a fther for a second time. His ex girlfriend, Ammika Harris is expecting the couple's first child together. The She Ain’t You' star also has a 5-year-old daughter named Royalty with Nia Guzman. Chris and his last girlfriend, Indyamarie, have split owing to the news that Ammika Harris was indeed pregnant with Chris' child, even though the two were not dating at the time. Brown on several occasions had hinted that Harris was pregnant, also he had left comments such as 'my baby mama' on her pictures. None of their representatives have commented on this news but fans are going crazy after hearing the news of Ammika Harris being pregnant with Chris Brown's child.

Chris on the other hand has made news this week as he took to his Instagram to call out on the fashion sense of Victor Cruz, who is in a relationship with Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Call it bad blood, but that is what it is. Brown posted comments on the former NFL player’s picture with Tran, 30, asking him to be styled properly which he later deleted. Chris was seen giving him some fashion advice that did not go down too well.

The hot tempered star also offered to NFL player along with him as Chris could help him style him in a better way. Chris very promptly said he was not posting any hate comments, instead he was just trying to have some fun around. Brown and Tran had a now on and now off relationship from 2010 to 2015.

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My heart hurts for her. She had the courage & strength to leave when she did, years ago, has moved on and found love, and this boy is still making a point to disrupt her life. It’s a violation of her peace and it’s fucked up.

Why is so hard for him to leave Karrueche in peace ?????? When it happened and he started with Quavo, when they said he was with Soulja, he told him that he was going to hit him and now again. It's not right from the head seriously, this guy needs help

Chris brown let Karrueche live her life lol you cheated on the girl, had a baby with other woman & wanna do the most on her posts.

Hope someone teach him how to use condoms -_-

hopefully he will finally leave Karrueche live in peace

This time he will recognize the baby or will the mother have to go threatening him as he did with his first daughter Royalty? he should use more the brain and the condoms.

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