Cody Rhodes believes CM Punk may go back to WWE instead of signing with AEW

CM Punk shared that he recently got a text from Cody Rhodes with an offer to join AEW. However, Cody believes that CM Punk may very well return to WWE, instead of joining AEW.
CM Punk recently revealed to have gotten a "text" from Cody Rhodes regarding an offer from AEW.CM Punk recently revealed to have gotten a "text" from Cody Rhodes regarding an offer from AEW.
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Before there was a disgruntled Dean Ambrose who left WWE because of creative conflicts, there was CM Punk. The wrestler left WWE back in 2014 because he was done with having no creative control over his character. During various interviews, Punk was expressive of the hard times he had to endure while in the company. He turned to MMA and said farewell to professional wrestling. But, since the inception of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), rumours have been rife of Punk coming back to professional wrestling.

During an interview with ESPN, Punk was asked if he did get an offer from AEW. To this, the wrestler revealed, "The last thing I got -- I got a text from Cody [Rhodes]," while adding, "Texting offers isn't really a way to do good business, at least." When a fan asked Cody if they were going to ask Punk to sign a contract with AEW, in person, as he seemed to be interested, the wrestler tweeted back, "I think he was misquoted. I know 1 of us had met with him in person, and yes I texted him plenty when we couldn’t connect on the actual phone, but not a contracted offer."

"I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to WWE. Regardless, great wrestler & guy. Door is open if he wants it," Rhodes added.

Do you think CM Punk could follow Jon Moxley's footsteps and join WWE's rival company, AEW? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, AEW is going to be LIVE every week on TNT from October 2, 2019. 

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