Conan O'Brien has a very 'CONAN' reaction to BTS' J-Hope accidentally calling him 'Curtain' on Run BTS Ep 140

This week's Run BTS saw BTS member J-Hope failing to remember Conan O'Brien's name while playing PD Na Young Seok's popular variety show The Game Caterers' Figure Quiz. Watch how the beloved talk show host hilariously reacted to the funny 'Curtain' goof-up.
BTS' Jin and Jimin adorably reprimanded J-Hope for not knowing Conan O'Brien's name Conan O'Brien hilariously reacted that he "will silently resent" BTS for J-Hope's 'Curtain' goof-up
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Run BTS Ep 140, which took place this week, saw BTS collaborate with PD Na Young Seok's popular variety show The Game Caterers as they played the fan-favourite Figure Quiz, where the members had to correctly guess the faces of well-known public personalities on the en route mode. During one of the rounds, in what became a laugh out loud moment, J-Hope had to guess beloved talk show host Conan O'Brien's face and Hobi accidentally called him 'Curtain' because he couldn't recall his name.

During an episode of Conan, the 58-year-old talk show host reacted to J-Hope's goof-up in the most 'Conan' way possible. O'Brien started things off by talking about how after 28 years, Conan is going to be wrapping things up on June 24, saying goodbye to this chapter and then moving on towards the next chapter. While Conan acknowledged people's "nice" response to the news, he also noted that when one goes through such a major change, "it gets the guy thinking about stuff."

Conan wondered, "And without sounding too highfalutin, I've started to wonder a little bit about, 'Gee, 28 years, on TV, day in, day out, every night. What's my impact been? What have I meant to the world? These are just natural questions. Have I really made a difference? What have I... What's my legacy going to be on this spinning blue globe we call Earth?" Talking about how he got a little hint about his existential questions, O'Brien then brought up the Run BTS episode. About BTS, Conan praised, "Well, I got a little bit of a hint of this yesterday. Apparently there was a massive variety show in Korea and the stars of this variety show, ofcourse, was the boyband BTS. These guys are huge. Biggest band in the world, easily. BTS. Massive."

O'Brien proceeded to show the part of Run BTS Ep 140 when J-Hope called Conan 'Curtain.' Conan's straight face yelling reaction to being called Curtain was hilarious while his sidekick Andy Richter defended Hobi adorably, "Well, it's like the whole world is convening to wish you well on your new endeavour and we're drawing the curtain on... or he probably..." O'Brien's straight face humour came beaming through as he bellowed, "Curtain. He called me Curtain! He said I was a curtain! I've been to Korea. I've been there. [Andy added, "I know. You're quite popular there."] I was popular. Curtain!"

In an attempt to hilariously threaten BTS, Conan stated directly to the camera, "I'll get you BTS. Oh, I'll get you good," before retracting," And by that I mean I'll silently resent you. I have no power to do anything to you. I... [chuckles] You're going to go on to have huge success. [laughs] [A laughing Richter quips, "We're old and you're young."] I'm very old and on the way out and you guys are pretty much running the world. So when I say I'll get you, I just mean I'm going to stew in my own juices [laughs] for quite a long time and you'll be vastly unaware of... [laughs]"

In the Run BTS Ep 140 snippet shown, you can see that BTS members Jin and Jimin knew Conan's name and even hilariously reprimanded J-Hope with Jin yelling "Conan! Conan! Who's Curtain? You don't know Conan?," while ChimChim asked, "Don't you know The Conan Show? No, I should keep quiet," before realising that he himself failed to recognise names like footballer Son Heung Min. If you see Team Coco's description for the video, it cutely says: "CONAN Highlight: J-Hope couldn’t remember Conan’s name, but luckily Jimin and Jin are #TeamCoco."

Check out Conan O'Brien's hilarious reaction, on Conan, to J-Hope accidentally calling him Curtain during Run BTS Ep 140 below:

We're currently envisioning a BTS x Conan O'Brien interview because that would be a 'Dynamite' combo indeed!

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