Controlling Britney Spears: New documentary to reveal 'sensitive' information from the star's conservatorship

Published on Sep 25, 2021 12:47 AM IST  |  53.6K
Controlling Britney Spears to release on Hulu.
Controlling Britney Spears to reveal important details from the singer’s conservatorship.

After Framing Britney Spears, there’s a follow-up documentary that is set to debut featuring the brand new details on the pop star’s conservatorship. During the first look on Good Morning America, via ET Canada, the documentary aims at featuring new details from one of Spears’ former security members.

The security member has alleged that he was asked to erase a flash drive containing “extremely sensitive” information but the person ended up keeping a copy of the same. According to co-creator Liz Day, via ET Canada, the security member has shed more light on the way the conservatorship was “monitored and managed” and every other aspect of the singer’s life for the 13 long years she was under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears.

“When [Britney’s father] Jamie was appointed Britney’s conservator back in 2008, he was given the authority to hire security for Britney 24/7 and no one really knew what they did,” Liz Day said, adding that the security would be in the background in Britney’s photos as well. “But the level of control and the ways that they monitored and surveilled her, we certainly didn’t know… I don’t know that anyone ever knew before,” she noted.

Co-creator of the new documentary Samantha Stark said that they have received court documents about Britney herself wanting to end the conservatorship a long time back. The show will also focus on Spears’ emotional testimony in one of her hearings which made many of her supporters come forward to help her. “I think Britney speaking was really powerful,” Stark noted. The show will currently be aired on FX and can be streamed via Hulu.

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