Courteney Cox shares a throwback interview clip about Friends from 27 years ago: When it all started

Updated on Sep 24, 2021 01:22 AM IST  |  54.6K
Courteney Cox drops an old interview clip with Jay Leno about Friends
Courteney Cox shared a throwback Friends interview from 27 years ago

Courteney Cox decided to take a trip down memory lane as she took to Instagram to drop an interview clip from when she appeared on Jay Leno's talk show to promote Friends 27 years ago. The clip shows Cox explaining what the show is about. Sharing the old clip, Courteney wrote, "When it all started" and it will surely get you nostalgic too.

Courteney can be seen in her Monica Geller look on the talk show and while discussing the same, she says, "Friends is a great show. It's about six unique characters and are all friends and it's really, truly a situation comedy, just different situations they get into and we're all in our I want to say late 20s, but... I'm 30." 

As mentioned by Cox in her post, the interview is from 27 years ago and it seems unbelievable how the actress explains the show to be a simplistic comedy, unaware of how huge a phenomenon it will become in the later years. 

The famed sitcom began airing from September 22, 1994 and ran until May 6, 2004, for 10 seasons. Apart from Courteney, the lead cast of the show also consisted of Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. 

With the Courteney and gang recently getting together again for the reunion special, this throwback clip seems, even more, older than it already is. We love how the Friends stars keep giving fans a few gems such as this old clip or some amazing anecdotes from the filming of the show.

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