Courteney Cox's daughter REVEALS she would go on a date with THIS Friends character between Chandler and Joey

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Courteney Cox and daughter play a fun trivia game about each other

Courteney Cox and her teenage daughter Coco recently indulged in a cute mother-daughter trivia game as they answered some fun questions about each other. A video of their "Who Knows Who Best" game was shared by Courteney on her Instagram. The duo's game consisted of several interesting questions but it was the bonus round that caught everyone's eye especially since it consisted of a question about Friends characters. 

In the video shared by Courteney, at the end of the two-and-a-half minutes of the game, Cox emerged as the victor. We later also saw a bonus round that where Cox asked her daughter who she'd rather go on a date with, a young Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) or a young Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). While every Friends fan and non-fan by now knows that Cox's character ended up with Chandler on the show, the actress' teenage daughter seemed to have a different pick among the duo. 

While Coco did not answer the question herself,  both her and Courteney agreed that her answer would be Joey.

Check out Courteney Cox and Coco's game Here

Cox has recently been on cloud nine ever since Friends: The Reunion received four major nominations at the 2021 Emmy Awards. This happens to be Cox's first-ever Emmy nomination for Friends considering she never got nominated in the past while the show aired on television. Not only Cox, but other members of the lead cast including Jennifer Aniston shared their happiness about receiving four Emmy nods. 

Friends: The Reunion aired in May 2021 and saw the lead cast members of the famous sitcom come together for the first time since the show ended.

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