Dax Shepard JOKES about being in a 'three way marriage' with wife Kristen Bell and co host Monica Padman

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Dax Shepard and Monica Padman discuss their awkward working relationship

Dax Shepard who recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live with his Armchair Expert podcast co-host Monica Padman joked about his relationship with her and his marriage to Kristen Bell. The actor made a playful joke about juggling two wives while talking to Kimmel as he joked about being in a "three-way marriage" with Kristen and Monica. 

Shepard joked about how his working relationship with Padman was similar to that of a marriage, although a platonic one. During their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Monica revealed an awkward gift she gifted Dax and while discussing about the same and their working relationship, she said, "Absolutely, we're in a three-way marriage." To which Shepard agreed saying, "Well, we have been." 

Shepard further chimed in on their 'three-way marriage' being platonic saying, "It's all the responsibilities of two wives without the sex." 

Dax and Kristen are known to be extremely close to Monica who was also living with them during the beginning of the pandemic. Speaking about her time at Shepard and Bell's residence, Padman revealed that she eventually moved out saying, "It hit critical mass a month in because Kristen got COVID. So, she was in her room quarantining on her own. At the same time, Dax broke his hand—couldn't make food, couldn't help with anything."

And then I was there like, ‘Oh, I have to take care of all of these children while they're [Dax and Kristen] on vacation,'", she jokingly added. Padman further playing at the "three-way marriage" joke ended by saying, "Like many marriages in quarantine, ours ended in divorce."

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