Dax Shepard REVEALS his biggest celebrity crush; Kristen Bell says 'I fully support this'

Updated on Nov 16, 2021 05:45 PM IST  |  111.2K
Dax Shepard REVEALS his crush
The long-married pair has been together since 2013.


On Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard squared off. Bell, 41, and Shepard, 46, took part in a "5 Second Rule" challenge in which they were given five seconds to answer questions about each other. As per E! News, Bell was asked to pick three of Shepard's "man crushes" to get things started.

However, Bell, 41, correctly recognised Brad Pitt and racing car driver Daniel Ricciardo but was puzzled on the third one. "Perfect 10' Charlie," Shepard said, referencing fitness trainer Charlie "Perfect 10" Curtis. "He's who I'm trying to become." According to E! News, Shepard has previously said that he had a man crush on Pitt, 57, but that Ricciardo, 32, has just taken the number one slot. "I'm embarrassed to say, I did what these men do — I got a younger model," the Parenthood alum joked to host Ellen DeGeneres earlier in the show. "I watched this Drive to Survive thing on Netflix ... it's a great show. Then I became obsessed with Formula 1 and then I interviewed Daniel Ricciardo on the podcast and then he and I kinda hit it off. Then I pushed hard, got a phone number."

Meanwhile, just in case you needed more evidence, there are plenty of photos illustrating their developing bond, including one in which the two are dressed in matching overalls. Interestingly, Kristen said, "They're really adorable." "I fully support this."

The long-married pair has been together since 2013. Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, are their daughters. During the recent Ellen appearance, Bell and Shepard also discussed how their children are modelled after them. "They're very thoughtful, they're very loving of animals, and they're beautiful," Shepard added of their kids' similarities to Bell. "But I guess I argue a bunch!"

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