DC Comics Green Lantern series casts Long Weekend star Finn Wittrock as the first lantern

DC Comics has found one of their lantern in American Horror Story star Finn Wittrock
Finn Wittrock cast in Green Lantern DC Comics Green Lantern series casts Long Weekend star Finn Wittrock as the first lantern
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DC Comics has been developing a series on the Green Lantern, which will spread its course across galaxies and decades. The 10 episodes first season will witness Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardener, who has been portrayed in the animation version of the story. Matthew Settle has played the character in the live-action Justice League of America which released in 1997 as a television film. Guy Gardener is one of the multiple lanterns being portrayed on the show which starts on Earth in 1941. Finn’s lantern is based in the ’80s and embodies some of those values.

Guy Gardener has been described as, "a hulking mass of masculinity, and, as rendered in the comics, an embodiment of 1980s hyper-patriotism. And yet, Guy is somehow likable." Guy has been one of the more complex characters in the Green Lantern universe as he has never found his place amongst the good side or the villains. Guy Gardener, throughout his existence, has always oscillated between the two sides, eventually not garnering trust from either. Guy was depicted as a supporting character lantern to Hal Jordan before garnering prominence.

After becoming one of the main characters in the Green Lantern Corps, Guy gave up his goodness and collected the red ring of rage before joining the sides of the villain in the Red Lantern Corps. The show will start with the story of Alan Scott taking place on earth in 1941, with him being an FBI agent hiding the sexual identity that he is gay. Greg Berlanti who has constructed the Arrowverse for DC is the brain behind Green Lantern series.

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