Dear Eonni: A Brazilian BLINK says the best word to describe how she sees BLACKPINK's Rosé is 'eleutheromania'

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Elis Beze Carvalho from Brazil dedicates her sweet letter to BLACKPINK member Rosé. Read her letter below.
Dear Eonni: A Brazilian BLINK says the best word to describe how she sees BLACKPINK's Rosé is 'eleutheromania'
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BLACKPINK member Rosé will finally be making her solo debut this month and has been flooding Instagram with some gorgeous teaser posters. BLINKS have been waiting with bated breaths for the 24-year-old singer to bask in some solo spotlight and that's exactly what we will be getting on March 12 as Rosé will drop her first solo single album R, with On The Ground as the title track.

Today's sweet letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Elis Beze Carvalho from Brazil to Rosé. Read her letter below:

Dear Rosie,

My name is Elis Beze Carvalho and I am a BLINK from Brazil.
During the pandemic, I have been trying to find ways to get in touch with more things I love but didn’t have time to watch or listen to, and in the middle of that search, I found you.
Actually, I have been your fan since 2018, but, for some reason, it’s like I fell in love with you all over again.
It has been so hard staying all these months at home, but whenever I listen to your voice, everything is instantly better. It is like you lift this insane weight off my shoulders.
I bet the pandemic has not been easy on you as well, but as a BLINK, I promise to always be here for absolutely anything you ever need.
If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I will be here. If you ever need someone to share your happiness with, I will also be here.
To me, you are an angel on Earth. Your laughter brightens up my day, your smile makes me feel like I can do anything and your voice calms me down even in the moments when I am the most anxious and tense.
Please, never leave us BLINKs.
For the past few weeks, I have been trying to think of the best word to describe the way I see you, and I finally found it. Rosie, you are eleutheromania. It originated from a Greek word and means "the intense desire for freedom".
This word makes me think of you because you are such a free, caring and giving person, and you always make me want to express myself and be free to feel whatever it is that I am feeling at any given moment.
Every single day you inspire me more to pursue my dream of becoming an artist and I always try my best to maybe become as amazing as you are.
You may think that the only reason why I say this is because I am your fan, but it’s not. I say all this because, of everyone I know, you are one of the most amazing and deserving of love of all of them.
Maybe the best thing I could say to resume the way I feel about you is "thank you for being you".
Even if the entire world tries to bring you down to your knees, know that I will always be here to hold you up and make you see the perfect angel that I see whenever I look at you.
Trust me, if I could make you see yourself through my eyes, you would love yourself even more. You would see a talented, amazing, caring, honest and sympathetic person who never fails to make my day.
Well, I guess what I have been trying to say, Rosie, is that I love you with all my heart and wish you all the best. I will never leave your side, my little flower.

Sending you all my love,
Elis Beze Carvalho.

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