Dee Bradley Baker: Star Wars: The Bad Batch is 'a supercharged version' of what I've done in The Clone Wars

During a virtual press junket, which Pinkvilla was a part of, Dee Bradley Baker disclosed that Star Wars: The Batch is "a deepening and a more sophisticated and denser packed version" of what Star Wars: The Clone Wars experience was for him, in terms of what they had to do in the studio and how to create it.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Ep 1 premiered today, i.e. May 4 Dee Bradley Baker spoke candidly to Pinkvilla about voice acting for the entire Clone Force 99 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.
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May the 4th be with you! On account of Star Wars' special day of the year, the highly anticipated Disney+ series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which is a sequel and spin-off to the wildly popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars, sees voice acting legend Dee Bradley Baker bring to life Clone Force 99, the rebellious squad of elite clones with genetic mutations. While we were lucky to catch a first glimpse of what to expect from The Bad Batch early on, Pinkvilla had the humble opportunity to attend a virtual press junket for The Bad Batch; an in-depth roundtable interview with Dee Bradley himself.

In a previous interview, Baker had quipped that voice acting for The Clone Wars was like Dungeons & Dragons for him, so we asked the 58-year-old actor what his experience was while voice acting for The Bad Batch. Dee Bradley revealed, "The Bad Batch is a... it's a supercharged version of what I've done in The Clone Wars universe where you've got... there are not only clones but [laughs] there's these guys, who are broader variations of clones. And so, it's a deepening and a more sophisticated and denser packed version of what The Clone Wars experience was for me, in terms of what we had to do in the studio and how we create it."

Furthermore, talking about Star Wars' rich artistic history that set it apart from the rest from its inception, decades ago, Baker recounted, "Star Wars, you know, as anyone who's been paying attention is not a static mythology. It's not a static creative machine. It's constantly coming up with newer variations and deeper artistry and sophistication on all levels. And so, it's great... it's both familiar but it's also refreshing and new and novel because that, for me, was always part of Star Wars. When Star Wars first hit, Episode IV, back in 1977, that was a whole lot of, 'I've never seen any of this.' [chuckles] It was... you're constantly being surprised. And then you go to Empire Strikes Back, which is like, it's one of the biggest surprises in all of cinema, in the history of cinema, with one line that rewrites two movies instantly. I mean, I remember what that was like to experience that."

"So it's that... the sense of novelty and of surprise and of upping the game and still switching up this really fun, interesting story. All of these things are wonderfully in play with The Bad Batch as fans of all ages and hopefully, newcomers even are about to see. [chuckles]," Dee Bradley concluded.

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Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Bad Batch Ep 1 premiered today, i.e. May 4, on Disney+ Hotstar.

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