Demi Lovato comes out as pansexual, opens up on having kids and a family

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Demi Lovato comes out as pansexual, opens up on having kids and a family.

Over the last few weeks, singer Demi Lovato has been making headlines for various reasons. With several revelations from her documentary surfacing, Demi has been showered with love and support from all her fans. In a recent interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, the singer confirmed her sexuality as she came out as a pansexual. Demi, who was earlier engaged to Max Ehrich for a brief period, also opened up on having a family. 

Revealing that she was "super closeted", Demi said, "I also don’t know if I’m going to end up with a guy, so I can’t really see myself getting pregnant. I don’t know. I’m so fluid now, and part of the reason why I am so fluid is because I was like super closeted off.”

When podcast host Rogan asked, “You mean like sexually fluid? You like girls, you like boys?” The Disney alum replied, "Yeah, anything really." 

Rogan further went on to ask, "What do they call that, pansexual or something like that?" “Yeah, pansexual,” Demi Lovato replied, confirming how she now identifies herself. The singer also reflected on her growing up years in a traditional Christian household and how it was looked down upon to like a person of the same sex. 

Demi added that the kissing scene between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in 'Cruel Intentions' was sort of a sexual awakening for her. She said, "I was like, 'Oh, I like that'. But I felt a lot of shame because growing up in Texas as a Christian, that’s very frowned upon. Any attraction I had to a female at a young age, I shut it down before I even let myself process what I was feeling." 

Demi's tell-all docuseries, Dancing With the Devil, has been a shocking eye opener for many as the singer has addressed her fatal drug overdose, music career and being sexually assaulted twice.  

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