Demi Lovato urges people to seek help for mental health amid COVID 19 lockdown: It is not a sign of weakness

Demi Lovato spreads awareness about seeking help for mental health issues amid the Coronavirus shutdown. Here’s what she had to say.
Demi Lovato,mental health,Hollywood,COVID 19Demi Lovato urges people to seek help for mental health amid COVID 19 lockdown: It is not a sign of weakness
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Demi Lovato never shies away from discussing her mental health issues publically even when the topic is as sensitive as her 2018 near-fatal drug overdose. In the past, she has opened up about her substance abuse problem, her struggles with anxiety and depression, and facing body image issues. Amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, when people across the world are following social distancing and staying at home for the sake of their physical health, the Sorry Not Sorry songstress decided to raise awareness about mental health.

As people live under the fear of the deadly virus and also face financial insecurity amid the ongoing shutdown, Demi noted that it is very important to seek help for mental health issues. Earlier this month, the 27-year-old singer announced on social media that she's helping launch The Mental Health Fund, to aid those suffering from anxiety and mental health issues amid the global health crisis. According to Daily Mail, the singer has already raised USD 2 million and the money will help support the organisations that are dedicated to crisis counseling via text message.

She shared an image on Instagram that read, “Anxiety, depression, isolation, domestic violence, substance abuse, eating disorder, financial stress and grief. The mental health impacts of COVID 19 will outlast the virus.” In the caption, she urged people to seek help for their issues. “So many have been left alone with their thoughts, their anxieties, their abusers – and are struggling with the uncertainty of these times. That is why I am helping to launch #TheMentalHealthFund to support organizations who are meeting the increased demand in crisis counseling due to COVID-19. You are not alone. Help is fast, free and available 24/7,” she wrote.

Her mental health fund is raising money to support the crisis text line in the US and similar crisis counselling organizations in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Speaking about helplines, the singer told People that it is important for people to have access to these lines because “sometimes you feel really alone and you don't know where to turn or who to talk to.” She said sometimes people feel like their thoughts are too dark and they need guidance to fight them. These lines, according to her, can help those who are struggling.

She also added that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. “Oftentimes our society tells us that if we ask for help, we are weak. But the strongest thing someone can do is take that first step in getting help, whatever shape or form that is,” she told People. Just last month, Demi reunited with Miley Cyrus for an Instagram live and the two voiced their thoughts about the ongoing health crisis. The singers spoke about how the pandemic has affected them personally and what they are doing to stay mentally fit during the isolation.

Demi revealed that she had to move out of her apartment after someone’s guest in her building tested positive for the deadly virus. She said she is currently living with her parents. “I moved in with my family. I'm with my family right now and they're everything. Fortunately my family just moved into this new place,” Demi said. She also stated that she uses her sister’s room for working out to keep herself physically and mentally fit.

Demi mentioned that she is she's been meditating, practicing breathing techniques, and, since she can’t go out, she is doing virtual sessions with her therapist. She also stated that she is consuming healthy food. “Everyone's immune system needs to be tip top. I want cupcakes ... but I'm getting my sugar through fruit, gummies, and Emergen-C to boost my immune system. I'm trying to be more creative right now. I want to knit. I used to knit all the time,” Demi added. Earlier this month, the singer joined the #OpenForDelivery initiative, which is trying to spread awareness about how the restaurants are still open and need business now more than ever.

Stated that she will send food to people in need she wrote, “I will be sending meals to families in need to support them during this challenging time. Comment below to show me how you’re helping in your local communities! If ordering food through a delivery service PLEASE select the leave at door option, wash your hands after grabbing the order for at least 20-40 seconds, and wipe down the packaging and surfaces that it touches,” she wrote on Instagram.

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