Demi Lovato voices her support for transgender community; Says ‘Trans rights are human rights’

Demi Lovato came out in support of the transgender community and noted that people should educate themselves about trans rights and become an ally.
Demi Lovato,HollywoodDemi Lovato voices her support for transgender community; Says ‘Trans rights are human rights’
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Demi Lovato recently spoke out in support of the transgender community and promoted trans rights. The 27-year-old Sorry Not Sorry songstress participated in an Instagram Live on May 23 with her friend Alok Vaid-Menon. The two came together to promote the writer's new book, Beyond The Gender Binary. During the conversation, Demi spoke about limiting people's freedom of choice when it comes to their sexuality. The singer spoke against people being given only two choices that are socially acceptable.

“There are so many differences in the human race, why are we given only two options?” she said. Speaking about differences, the actress also spoke about the issues of race. “I’m Hispanic, but I’m white-passing, so I’m like… what is my responsibility as an ally? I learned that I have to put my fears aside and speak up for all of the people of colour that I love, that I don’t know, and the people that are being treated poorly and abused and killed,” she said.

She asserted that it is about time people educate themselves about different sections of the society and become an ally of the communities that need their support, including the trans community. “I need to put my fears aside. I just didn’t want anyone to question my intentions because I am white-passing. I'm going to educate myself and I'm gonna be an ally, and I think people need to do the same with the trans community," she added.

Speaking about the toxic patriarchal society and how men are taught a polluted version of masculinity, Demi stated that straight men need to get past this sex-based fear. She asserted, "homosexual men are afraid to be allies to trans people and queer people because of toxic masculinity." And she stated that these men need to educate themselves and support these communities regardless of their own gender and sexual preference.

Demi has been vocal about her sexual identity in the past and also shared how she struggled to accept that part of her life in the beginning. She revealed in her 2018 documentary that she had been seeking both guys and girls on the celebrity dating app. Later the same year, during an interaction with InStyle, the singer said she is “very fluid.”

Earlier this year, during an interview on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show Radio Andy, the singer shared details about the moment she came out to her parents. Lovato revealed that she did not tell her parents about her sexual orientation until 2017. Demi said she wasn’t sure how her parents would react if she told them that she saw herself possibly ending up with a woman. Although she was apprehensive about speaking to her parents and did not share that part of her identity with them for a very long time, the singer said her parents were very supportive once she did open up to them.

Recalling the moment, Demi revealed that after she was done telling her parents, she was crying and shaking because the whole conversation was very overwhelming. However, she described the moment as both emotional and beautiful. Talking about her parents' reaction, the singer said her father was not surprised at all. Even though she was especially nervous about how her mother would react, she told Demi that all she wants is for her to be happy.

During another interview on New Music Daily, Demi revealed that when she thinks about her future, she feels like she would like to start a family at some point. The songstress though it would be “dope” to have a family. While she does not know exactly what the future holds for her and whether she will start her family with a man or a woman, she knows that she would like to start that chapter of her life in this decade.

In January, during an interview with Apple Music's Beats 1, the singer said she leaned on God during her journey to recovery after her nearly-fatal drug overdose incident in 2018. She stated that her newfound faith in God helped her gain the strength to bounce back. She mentioned that it also helped her accept her sexuality. She mentioned that she was never religiously active and would shy away from church because she questioned her sexuality. However, while she was under-recovery, she found a place in LA that accepted her for who she was and she finally felt comfortable and reconnected with god.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

It is Priyanka Chopra fault

Anonymous 1 month ago

Please correct your misgendering of Alok. Wilful misgendering is violence. Alok uses they/them pronouns and you should know better smdh

Anonymous 1 month ago

Incredibly disappointing that you misgendered Alok in an article about gender and the LGBTQ community.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Nice Misgendering, Pinkvilla. Alok's pronouns are They/Them!

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You misgendered Alok, they don’t use male pronouns.

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Thank You Demi!

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