Demi Lovato's Dancing With the Devil to Taylor Swift's Miss Americana: 6 music documentaries you can stream

With Demi Lovato's Dancing With the Devil recently releasing on YouTube, we look at other music documentaries you can stream.
Demi Lovato's Dancing With the Devil to Taylor Swift's Miss Americana: 6 music documentaries you can stream
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What goes on in a musician's head before they crack the code to get that perfect song, how they deal with fame and more are the kind of questions that fans often want to know the answers to, every artist has their own journey, filled with unique obstacles and to find the person behind the persona, often documentaries are made. When it comes to popular musicians, there have been several popular documentaries that have released over the years, including Amy based on Amy Winehouse, Quincy based on Quincy Jones and more. Although, when it comes to new age artists, there has been a significant rise in the releases of concert documentaries and more. 

Among the newest releases is Demi Lovato's Dancing With the Devil that released on YouTube last month and made startling revelations relating to the singer's struggle with addiction and more. Like Lovato, several other artists including Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers and more have released documentaries where they explored various phenomenons where they discussed professional and personal hurdles. Let's take a look at music documentaries that are available to stream when it comes to some of the most popular artists. 

Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil 

The four-part docuseries follows Demi Lovato's journey to rising up after facing a near-death experience following her 2018 overdose. The docuseries saw Lovato revealing some shockingly personal details including the fact that she is a sexual assault survivor. In the documentary, Lovato reflects on sobriety, her music, her fans and more. It is available for streaming on YouTube. 

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana 

Taylor Swift's documentary Miss Americana premiered at the Sundance festival in January 2020 and is now available on Netflix. The documentary saw Taylor dissecting her career, personal life and more, especially since she has been in the limelight from a younger age.  The singer also threw light on how cyberbullying affected her. The insightful documentary was particularly loved by fans for how honest it was. 

Britney Spears: Framing Britney Spears 

New York Times recently released a documentary on Britney Spears has been a massive talking point. The docuseries mainly throws light on the pop singer's conservatorship and takes a look at her massive career that had some major highs and her shocking downfall following her breakup with Justin Timberlake. The documentary is available to stream in India on Discover Plus. 

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder 

Shawn Mendes is a major heartthrob today and has a massive fan base. The Netflix documentary, In Wonder, follows Mendes' journey from being a Vine star to now serenading millions of audiences at concerts. The documentary also explores the singer's life off-stage and how he deals with anxiety. 

Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry 

Billie Eilish became a huge sensation at a very young age and has achieved a lot quite soon. The Grammy Award-winning singer has just begun and The World's a Little Blurry explores exactly that as it captures Eilish's background, her process of making music, mainly on her breakthrough debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The documentary released in theatres as well as on Apple TV+ in February 2021. 

 Jonas Brothers: Chasing Happiness 

For every Disney fan, the Jonas Brothers were the rage and when the band announced that they were disbanding, it was a heartbreaking moment. In 2019, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas decided to come together again and made a successful comeback. In their Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness, the trio speak about what drove them apart and how they managed to move on and sort out their differences to come together as a family and band again. The documentary is laden with some emotional moments and is a must-watch for JoBro fans. 

Tell us which of these music documentaries are you excited to stream the most!

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