Did Angelina Jolie ALMOST confirm an Eternals sequel is in the works?

Updated on Oct 19, 2021 06:51 PM IST  |  172.8K
Angelina Jolie Eternals sequel
Angelina Jolie hints at Eternals sequel during red carpet interaction.

Eternals recently held its star-studded premiere in Los Angeles and attending the same was the lead cast of the show. With the upcoming film, several actors including Angelina Jolie will be making their Marvel debut and well, there's no denying that starring in the MCU comes with the great responsibility of holding onto all the spoilers. During a recent red carpet interaction though, it seemed that Angelina may have let out a major MCU secret. 

The 46-year-old actress who essays the role of Thena in the film was accompanied by Kumail Nanjiani who will be seen as Kingo during Eternals' red carpet interaction. As the duo was discussing both their characters from the film, Jolie went on to say that Kumail and her are obsessed with each other's characters and during the same mentioned a sequel idea. 

While talking about the same, Jolie said, "Could you tell, we both are obsessed with each other's characters? So we're hoping in the sequel, our characters are very good sparring partners, because we're almost polar opposites. But yet they're both a little out there, so they'd be a good time."

The mention of a sequel by Angelina has now left fans wondering if she accidentally confirmed that it's definitely happening and that she will be returning for it. So far, Marvel head, Kevin Feige has not spoken about any potential sequels to Eternals but MCU fans think, Jolie may have spoilt the studio's announcement plans. 

After Jolie mentioned the sequel idea in her answer, Nanjiani who was accompanying her remained silent and merely agreed with her on the part about their characters being a great pairing as opposites and said, "Yeah, great pairing, that's exactly right."

So far, in the Marvel universe, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has often been touted to be the star who isn't great at guarding the studio's secrets and it looks like Jolie may be joining the actor when it comes to accidentally letting out spoilers.

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