Did Justin Bieber abandon a 'pregnant' Hailey Baldwin? Here's the truth

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been seen madly-in-love lately as we spot them at hockey matches and sharing adorable pictures on social media. However, a new report wants fans to believe that not only is Hailey pregnant but Justin has walked out on her.
justin bieber,Hailey Baldwin,HollywoodDid Justin Bieber abandon a 'pregnant' Hailey Baldwin? Here's the truth
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Earlier today, we reported that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were spotted getting cosy at a hockey match recently. The couple looked madly-in-love as they enjoyed the game. However, rumour has it that the couple has hit the rocks. A dubious report on OK! Magazine wants fans to believe that Hailey is pregnant and Justin has left her because things are not good between the two. Apparently, things have gotten so ugly that Justin has walked out on his "pregnant." 

The international magazine deems Hailey "pregnant and alone." An insider claims, "The word is that they recently got into a terrible fight – and Justin walked out and ended things for good. The whole thing is a mess and is really putting a damper on parenthood.”

“The drama is endless. They constantly clash and argue over the smallest things. The fighting has torn them apart – and Justin’s frequent mood swings and public meltdowns haven’t made things any easier. Justin made it clear that he needs Hailey to be by his side and taking care of him," the source added. 



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This has not gone down well with Hailey. "She lost it and snapped back that she’s supposed to be his wife, not his mother. Justin took that very badly, and stormed out," the insider shared. 

“For Justin to walk away when Hailey’s said to be expecting his child is pretty dramatic, even by their tumultuous standards," the source said. But the end to Justin and Hailey isn't here just yet. "Knowing Justin, he could still change his mind and apologize to Hailey for walking out and beg her to give their marriage another shot,” the grapevine suggested. 



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While all these are shocking claims, Gossip Cop claims that there is no truth in these claims. Bieber's rep confirmed that the model isn’t currently expecting a child. They also confirmed that the story is not true. “This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read and everyone who reads this article should ask for that time in their life that OK! wasted back," the rep said. 



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