Did Lindsay Hubbard Decide Reunion Looks For Summer House Cast? Paige DeSorbo Reveals

Lindsay Hubbard took charge of styling the Summer House cast for their reunion, ensuring a professional look for the event. Read on to learn more.

Published on Jun 16, 2024  |  11:05 AM IST |  43K
Lindsay Hubbard Decides Summer House Cast's Reunion Looks
Lindsay Hubbard and Paige DeSorbo (PC: lindshubbs/paige_desorbo)

DeSorbo tells PEOPLE that they coordinated their outfits for this year's reunion. You were correct if you assumed, while viewing the first segment of the Summer House season 8 reunion on June 6, that everyone had exquisitely matched their wardrobe.

Though Kyle Cooke nearly put a wrench in everything, Lindsay Hubbard's efforts were largely responsible for the cast's success. Paige DeSorbo, 31, claims that Hubbard and she managed to get everyone in line this time around for such a glitzy occasion.

Inside DeSorbo's group chat

They were all in a group chat while they waited for Lindsay to email production, DeSorbo exclusively disclosed to PEOPLE. To them, she resembled a mother more. When they told her what they were going through, she sent them all an email at once. Usually, they were not assigned a theme.

Housewives essentially said, "Do whatever you want," and whenever a color or theme was assigned to them, they always looked to be attending different events. DeSorbo told PEOPLE that this year she wanted them to look polished and, of course, beautiful, so she wanted a consistent style. She added that managing her acne breakouts had been made easier by her partnership with Face Reality.

DeSorbo shared exclusively with PEOPLE that their group chat was eagerly awaiting an email from Lindsay to kickstart production. Lindsay played a maternal role in the group, often summarizing their thoughts and then emailing them collectively. DeSorbo noted that themes were rarely provided; when a color or theme was mentioned, it was typically followed by a directive to "do whatever you want," resulting in a diverse array of outfits at events.


DeSorbo explained their desire for a unified, professional look that still exudes glamor this year. To achieve this, they collectively decided on a color scheme of white and neutral tones. Despite Kyle's initial mention of a specially made green outfit, the group ultimately opted for simple, elegant ensembles in neutral colors, ensuring a cohesive appearance.

DeSorbo reflects on loyalty and friendship

During the reunion's first segment, DeSorbo revisited a moment where she had defended Ciara Miller against criticism for her involvement with West Wilson. Miller clarified during the reunion that despite dating throughout the summer and fall, they were no longer together. Miller characterized Wilson's reasoning for ending the relationship, citing the show as a "cop-out."

DeSorbo exclusively tells PEOPLE that although she is "thankful" others noted that she defended her friend, she doesn't think anything particularly noteworthy happened because she would have done the same for any of her pals.


She explained that she had simply stood up for her friend and would do the same if a stranger on the street said something hurtful to them. She emphasized that she would never want to treat a man in such a cruel manner.

Despite liking West and believing he would be fine, she stated that she would defend her friend if she was harmed. Bravo will air Part 2 of the Summer House reunion on June 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

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