Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry witness a blowout with Duchess of Sussex driving off in an SUV?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are away from the spotlight since their move to the US. As per a recent report, there is trouble in the couple's paradise.
Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry witness a blowout with Duchess of Sussex driving off in an SUV?
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It has been a rough year for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They began the new decade by exiting the royal family and shifting their base to the US. While they spent most of their time away from the spotlight, numerous reports about their relationship with fellow royal family members continued to make headlines. Just as reports emerged that the couple was exchanging Christmas gifts with Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children, a new report claims there is tension between Harry and Meghan. 

New Idea makes the shocking claims that the couple had a "blowout". A dubious source informed the outlet that their fight one night got so bad that "Meghan took one of their SUVs and drove off". While the insider isn't aware of where Meghan zoomed off, they suggest she might have gone to the nearby beach to cool off. “There was no talk among her household of her still missing by morning, so she obviously came back," the source claimed. 

The insider claims the former actress and the royal blood aren't the ones who would have a screaming match in front of their staff. However, "rumour has it they hash out their differences at night once everyone’s gone home and the baby is asleep for the night,” the source claimed. The cause, as per the unnamed source, is said to be the couple's need to be financially independent. 

Since the Megxit, Meghan has been allegedly making business moves without consulting Prince Harry or their team. This has apparently created a "headache" for Harry. While the Duke attends various public events - podcast, media appearances and more - with Meghan, the insider claims that there is "obvious tension" between the two behind-the-scenes. Despite the tough situation, the grapevine stresses that Harry always has her back. 

We'd suggest you take the report with a pinch of salt for there is no pictorial proof nor have the couple addressed the report yet. 

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Anonymous 1 week ago

Each time she opens her mouth she lies....she should be ignored and forgotten.

Anonymous 2 months ago

These 2 are worthless, entitled, winners . Write about real heroes, physicians who nurses risking their lives on the front lines., or the African American women who helped discover the Covid-19 vaccine. Meghan and Harry love to brag about their good deeds and their racial equality work , but Feed the homeless privileged Hollywood multi Millionaires on Christmas. The couple lived off the crown until recently , and Meghan has not worked in 4 years , Harry hasn’t had a job in 6 years. Morally bankrupt

Anonymous 2 months ago

Why not write about physicians and nurses on the front lines s? Why not write about hospital workers that died caring for Covid-19 patients? What about meaningful stories about the African American women that helped discover the Covid-19 vaccine. Enough about two unremarkable people that have never made remarkable contributions to the world , beyond donations to charity with other’s money, old Meghan hawking coffee , telling us how to dress in thousands of dollars with of outfits. Enough about a couple who haven’t had a job in 4 years fy Meghan, and 10 years for Harry. Meghan loves photo ops with her own photographers, and is feeding the poor multimillionaires at Christmas,?who would not have seen her less acknowledged her , 4 years ago .

Anonymous 2 months ago

I wish they'd just GO AWAY!!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

They had a fight or witnessed a fight?