Did Rick and Morty Season 5 almost have a Chris Evans cameo? Details Inside

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Chris Evans had previously opened up about his fondness for Rick and Morty.

Marvel’s super cool Captain America, Chris Evans is known to be a huge fan of Rick and Morty. As the show returned for its fifth season, several fans had speculated Evans' name to be among the celebrities who were guest voicing though were soon disappointed. In a recent interview, producer Scott Mardar, addressed Evans' casting plans and revealed that it had almost happened though. something didn't work out eventually.

Mardar, during a chat with Monsters and Critics, shared his take on bringing established actors from franchises like Marvel to guest voice on the show and said "We’ve danced around that. There was a character that was up for grabs for him [Chris Evans] this season, but I can’t remember who that ended up going to. He’s definitely on our radar… I’m a big comic book nerd from back in the day, so like all the Marvel dudes are very much on my radar."

Answering how the show usually picks up guest stars, Mardar said that some of the roles are pitched hard, while others who are eyed for their talent just happen to love Rick and Morty.

"Most of them are [fans]. Sometimes we hear people are just fans. Other times, we’ve got a great casting department, and a lot of times they’re just on the ball and offering up the perfect people for those roles. It’s normally pretty organic.”, he added, while also stating that the show’s popularity makes it easier for them to get quicker answers from the actors.

As for Evans, fans are definitely hoping to see him work for Rick and Morty in future. Which Marvel actor would you like to watch in the series? Tell Pinkvilla in the comments below!

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