Did you know Nick Jonas got his big break while singing at a local barbershop at the age of seven?

In our throwback story of the day, we look back at how Nick Jonas was discovered at a local barbershop in 1999, at the tender age of seven, even before Jonas Brothers debuted.
Did you know Nick Jonas got his big break while singing at a local barbershop at the age of seven?
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Jonas Brothers' eventual reunion in 2019 had our inner teenage hearts fluttering out loud as they were the soundtrack of our childhood for years and years. Their journey, from Year 3000 to their Sucker era, has been quite a wild ride for the boys who are now men with families of their own. But did you know that before Jonas Brothers were formed, it was Nick Jonas who got his big break first?

As per US Weekly's profile of Jonas Brothers, Nick has been discovered while singing at a local barbershop in 1999, at the age of seven. This led to a limited release of his first record in 2004 with Joe and Kevin helping in writing his songs. Then, in 2005, Jonas Brothers signed a deal with Columbia Records while in 2007, their album Jonas Brothers debuted at No. 5 on Billboard 200. The rest as they say is history! During a 2014 appearance on Rolling Stone's Journey, when Jonas Brothers had sadly disbanded, Nick shared candidly about how he got his big break in an unconventional manner.

"I found myself in a hair salon with my mom, singing, as I did. Someone heard me and said to my mom, 'You should take your son to see this manager,'" the 28-year-old singer recalled.

Interestingly, Nick had been performing on Broadway since the tender age of seven while describing his 'seven-year-old self,' to The Guardian in a 2019 Jonas Brothers interview, as "incredibly driven and focused and not very fun to be around."

Now, Nick continues to make foot-tapping music with his brothers while also venturing into Hollywood with big-ticket movies. Let's not forget, he's also India's national 'jiju' post his big, fat wedding with ladylove Priyanka Chopra in 2018.

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