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Directioners vs ARMY: One Direction, BTS battle to win Best Boy Band of the Decade; fans trend both on Twitter

The Tylt, a poll website has pitted One Direction against BTS for the Best Boy Band of the Decade honour which has led to Directioners and ARMY battling it out to make their favourite band win. This includes trending the following hashtags on a worldwide perspective - #1DWins10s and #BTSwins10s.
It's One Direction vs. BTS for the Best Boy Band of the Decade.It's One Direction vs. BTS for the Best Boy Band of the Decade.
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One Direction and BTS have a couple of things in common, but the most prominent aspect is the undying adoration that their fans have for the boy band. On one hand, we have the Directioners, who have been thirsting for a reunion since the band went on an indefinite hiatus in 2015. However, years later, they still keep the love alive that even astonishes the members of the band. On the other hand, we have the ARMY whose loyalty for the Bangtan Boys jumps across leaps and bounds. Thanks to the ARMY, BTS has been recognised on a worldwide scale and it's simply impossible to ignore their undeniable talent.

But, what happens when there comes a time to choose between the two boy bands? More specifically, what happens when their cultural impact is put to the test and only one can come out on top? Well, The Tylt, a poll website has done just that and pitted the two boy bands for the Best Boy Group of the Decade. You know what this means! It's time for a WAR! Taking to Twitter, Directioners and ARMY have made it their mission to make their favourite band win. In what is a tight-knit race which is giving us major anxiety, #1DWins10s and #BTSwins10s is trending worldwide!

As you read this, both the hashtags have most likely crossed over 2 million tweets and it doesn't look like the hysteria will stop anytime soon. Moreover, there are still 2 and a half days for the poll to end!

See all the hysteria between Directioners and ARMY below:

The dedication is maddening, to say the least!

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Who's got your vote - One Direction or BTS? Let us know your pick in the comments section below.

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I luv both the bands but BTS deserve the award (no hate to 1D)


#1Dwins10s ☺️


Can everyone stop insulting both bands, if ur a Directioner, Pls just vote, if ur an ARMY, Pls just vote for bts, stop insulting both bands, they all are 12 absolutely hot and sweet boys!! Being an army and directioner, I won't mind if any of them win, tho I'm pretty curious as to how 1D will receive the award... I wanna see it!

I hate BTS I don't like them nor do I like their music so One Direction for the win they are the biggest boy band ever beating the beatles how can you even compare BTS to them lol.

I understand u and I am a Directioner too
But please don't be rude.. H told us to treat people with kindness, not to insult them. U are harming some bts stans while writing a comment like this... U can't insult them like that. Hope that u understand. Thanks

I loved 1D , I still listen to 1D songs. I also love BTS. It's true that both these bands are extremely popular, I think BTS is a clear winner here since we are talking about cultural impact. BTS literally had nothing when they debut, through their struggle and hard work they have risen to the top. Their music carries social message, they are UNICEF'S anti-violence campaign ambassador, they gave speech on UN general assembly, they beat out all other artists including Justin, arian in AMAS, BBMAS , they beat several 1D's records and created a lots of records. They are the first group since Beatles to have 3 number 1 albums in less than a year, BTS had the highest grossing tour in 2019...and there are lots of achievements.

I get it you like 1D but hating BTS is quite a big statement. You might not like them but saying you hate something or someone is pretty offensive if they have done nothing wrong.

Lets pray to God that ❤️❤️one direction should win the best boy band of the decade ❤️❤️

First off all u haters, SHUT UP! We all know what good bands BTS and 1D are so, go to hell haters, and second, I'm gonna say dat bts deserve this award, not bcuz I hate 1D, I love them for shouting out loud, bcuz it feels necessary, and cuz they are an existing band,
I love 1D toooo
But ARMY!!!

Harsh self critism has been my biggest enemy since last few years. I destroyed my own self confidence, I pulled myself down at every stage of my life up to the point I couldn't take it anymore, I started feeling tired and exhausted all the time. It was badly affecting me and I was the reason behind it. During this time I discovered BTS. Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to BTS to pull me out of that state. ALL thanks to their wonderful lyrics that made me feel better about myself, made me feel comfortable in my own skin, made me the person that I was before, helping me to be the person I want to be in future. And also thanks to their humble & kind personalities that inspire me every day, the way they love and respect all their members makes me happy and teaches me to be respectful like them. So for me #BTSWins10s !!

I’ve always been a directioner and I’m always gonna be.I literately grew up with them.But everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and can like one band or the other because whatever you say both bands are immensely talented..You can vote for your favourite band but for God sake that doesn’t mean you have to insult the other band.

I’ve always been a directioner and I’m always gonna be.I literately grew up with them.But everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and can like one band or the other because whatever you say both bands are immensely talented..You can vote for your favourite band but for God sake that doesn’t mean you have to insult the other band.

BTS only came to spotlight only because 1D broke up. If one direction was still a band bts wont be that popular. BTS did work hard and they are very talented but 1d all the way.

Hi, just remember that BTS only got famous because kne of the most legendary boybands went on hiatus and the new generation had to settle with music half of them cant even understand, together with immature 7yr olds who cry when we call their stans gay. One direction tour for 4-5 years straight, wrote 4 albums, published numerous books, released several movies, did interviews and promotions with no break but still full-heartedly, untiredly, interacted and actually talked to fans : )) yeah, gotta admit they cant dance for sht but its safe to sag taht people love them without looking like a silicon statue who havent hit puberty yet : )) just stating facts, bye! Xoxo

One Direction definitely wins this when it comes to music but loses to talent. BTS has more talent but it's completely wasted on what they do. Yes they're popular, but that doesn't make their music better. A lot of the reason for their success is that their music is just whatever music is popular in the United States...but in Korean. Most previous Korean artists never got popular here because their music was more original and not "trendy" to what's here at the time. Though they definitely opened the door for Korean artist to become more successful here (along with Wonder Girls before them, and then Rain originally with lesser results), they also influenced a lot of the industry to do the same as they did. The Korean industry in the last few years have definitely gotten less original but yet more prominent. A double-edged sword I guess. Anyways, if we're going by music, I would say One Direction, not because of the lyrics but because of the delivery of them (note that What Makes You Beautiful is their absolute worst song if that's all you know). While if we go by talent I will say BTS, although I really don't like them myself, even when being there when they originally debuted.

I'm not a fan of any but tbh It's easier for 1D to get famous worldwide than BTS. BTS don't even sing/speak English but yet became Internationally famous which is NOT easy AT All. When it comes to lyrics remember their english is super basic compared to 1D (which is their mother language), try listening to their Korean and translate to english! So I think BTS deserve this time

I'm not a fan of any but tbh It's easier for 1D to get famous worldwide than BTS. BTS don't even sing/speak English but yet became Internationally famous which is NOT easy AT All. When it comes to lyrics remember their english is super basic compared to 1D (which is their mother language), try listening to their Korean and translate to english! So I think BTS deserve this time

Can you be anymore biased about your opinion? Your whole comment is just ridiculous and based on personal taste. BTS' music is VAST. You can cannot just put a label to it, it's just bts' music, it's different no matter whichever genre. Both groups are talented. They opened the doors because many of us could relate to their music and feel and understand what they wanted to say. Also, you come off as a nasty kpop stan who isn't even a fan 1D just here to put BTS down. Don't talk as if you are some professional.

truth be told, i'm a directioner and just happend to come across your comment. i'm not here to disrespect your opinion, only to tell you that there is something completely false in your comment. i've been a fan for about four years, and whether it be their sense of humor (typically louis) or interactions with fans, i can say the most important thing they have done for me is expanding my taste it music. my taste of sound back then used to be simple: pop, pop, and more pop. however, in 1d's last two albums, especially MITAM, has taken inspiration from late 1900's sound. you claim that BTS' music is extremyly vast while louis and harry have released music from a more classic rock genre and niall has leaned closer to the country sound. not to come across in anyway rude, but please don't mock us when you're still clueless about one direction's music.

Being a Directioner and an A.R.M.Y is damn difficult. 1D was there at the start of the decade with me but in the end, BTS is keeping me afloat. 1D did work hard when they wer3 together but now, we can see that theyvare doing far too better as solos. If they do receive the award, its technically a burden for them pressuring them to come back. Where as BTS is there and working there ass off. 1D doesn't want the band but BTS does. I hope BTS wins. For the sake of both the bands.

your legends are still on single vacation sorry to say that but BTS really did work hard rather then enjoying their time off they are really serious with what they do so ya BTS ALL THE WAY PAVED IT ALL!!!

seriously questioning your definition of "time off"
harry has released two albums (fine line came out on friday)
louis has released multiple singles and his album is coming out in jan.
liam's released an ep and a recent album
niall is releasing his second album next year
zayn has also released two albums
please gut you facts straight before you comment such idiotic and ignorant things

BTS deserves the award for the hard work they did
1D worked hard too
But BTS broke all the barriers and are ruling over the world now

Don't go around ridiculing other bands just because u think they are not worth it
Learn to RESPECT others

I get that bts does a lot of hard work. and are probably overworked. but one direction have been here since as long as most of us can remember. and for bts to come and try and steal the crown? no thanks. team 1D.

FYI, bts have been around almost as long, they came in only 2 yrs after 1D, I'm a directioner as well as an army, I love both those band, but haters like u is making me hate the fan base they have, 0ls learn to shut up

i get where your coming from and i hate to say this but:
sure 1D has been in the game for a long time BUT they've also been out of it since 2016 as a group. Meanwhile BTS has been working their asses off and totally DESERVE this title. They've sold out STADIUMS, in fact they've practically outsold every place they went to. In summary, stan BTS. #BTSWins10s

BTS all the way. Their music helped me when I was at my lowest and struggling every day. Their music speaks about various things like self-acceptance and mental health. Which resonates with me more. I don't hate 1D but I truly never understood their appeal. I've listened to their songs many times and I admit they were good but their songs never really touched me how BTS could. #BTSforever

BT’s all the way don’t think I don’t like 1d but BTS taught people how to love ourselves and how to live our lives ..BT’s was nothing in 2013 but they worked hard and now is the biggest boy band

ONE DIRECTION, Always and forever

Only and only One Direction

Only One Direction deserves to win not that stupid bts

Shut up! Stupid 1D's stupid follower.
Bts is the best and it will always be the best.

If u support BTS that's okay.But insulting the directioners saying that they are stupid makes u the most stupid & rude one(I think). That's not the way to support your favourite band by insulting others.So please, learn to respect the others.

BTS paved the way y'all

One direction forever!!!<3

I love both of them equally but 1D has done alot for me . And one direction definitely deserves it. So yeah #1dwins10s


Our boys #btswins# ☺️☺️


Love BTS...But band of the decade goes to 1D <3
There songs are lovely..never get old

So do you mean BTS are just a love for teenagers??? Grow up buddy... They came in view since 2013 and have tried every genre, and their concerts are attended by old (as aged as 80) tooo... Not saying that 1D is bad, though... But my vote would go to BTS... #BTSwins10s


❤BTS❤for sure is going to win! We army are going to make that happen! Since I started hearing BTS I fell in love with them not only because they are all handsome but because of the beautiful lyrics they leave us in there songs! I will forever be an ❤ARMY❤ #btswin10s

One Direction was my childhood and I love ALL of them.#LegendsNeverDie


BTS and One Direction :)

Bts!! They really rocked these years...

Bts. Never care for 1d. They barely danced

Yeah cuz directioners arent 7yr olds that have uncontrollable hormones who stans a person just because of their face and abs. 1D doesnt dance because they dont like being told what to do AKA choreography. Respect for those who do dance and can make fairly good music. Guess thats not BTS huh. Have some respect for the boys talent cuz God knows that world is sick of y'all Armys' lmao

I'll try not to sound rude but do you think their faces and abs brought people out of depression?
If you don't know us then please try not to add your self assumed opinion on us.
We fell in love with their music not their faces. Ofc they're pretty but we're not there with them for that.
I'm not trying to make you understand bc I know you won't. And their music and voices take me to a different place,
A place where we, the A.R.M.Ys feel ourselves not giving a care about judging people.
At least try to be open minded. Hurt people hurt people so yea... I'll leave with that.

that's because they didn't have to dance to be talented. you wanna see dancing, theres tv shows for that. I'm just saying, one direction were around for years and fucking tortured by syco, the management they worked with, they deserve this. just one award. come on.

EXACTLY! If bts is still there as a band they will be there even for the next decade. 1D deserves this final tribute for the band that existed.

First of all it isn't just dancing BTS vocals and raps are amazing they are still together and care about BTS but in your case even 1D doesn't care about 1D to come together cause Zayn was suffering Liam wrote a lyric about how he is out free now that he is done with 1D I didn't want to do this and I could go much longer unlike you so just shut up

Bro it's not about the dancing. It about songs. ID sang songs which had beautiful meanings. As long as it matters one direction is always about their songs nit about some band which has extremely complicated dance moves and lyrics that you cant even pronounce it understand. #Directionerforever.

You are talking as if you know lyrics to every BTS song? I bet you haven't heard a single song of theirs. Why do you think that despite of singing in korean people love their music? Their songs not only have beautiful meaning but have also helped to save a lot of lives and mental health of people. They constantly teach us to love ourselves and speak for ourselves. They have many songs dedicated to their fans thanking them. They did not promise to take away our problems like most singers do but they promise to be with us during those problems. Their lyrics teach us that it's okay if you want to run or take a break, it's okay. Dancing, rapping, singing, looks etc are just plus points.

But they are far far better than Stupid bts

First Look at yourself then comment Stupid

I don't think someone have the right to judge anyone without understanding them and their talents...
Honestly, I am an Army but I won't say that any rival group of BTS is stupid or anything......just because I am a fan of just need to comment whom you are going to vote...not who is better than whom....

Boooooooooooo to 1D now!!!. How do you feel now? Sorry for booing them.. didn't mean it but just wanted to say express your opinion in a polite way, rather than insulting someone l!!! #BTSwins10s

You are just so rude, punk! I literally love both the bands... And both of them have really good music (filled with emotions) .. but I would be honest here, as I don't listen to OneD I won't comment on them like you just specifies BTS as stupid... Ik BTS (I stan them well) I would probably vote for BTS... So just say Ur opinion without insulting anyone!!! (Mine as eg) #BTSwins10s

That's not nice... BTS doesn't even do bad things.

If you want to see people dance watch a dancing show 1d is about music not stupid dance moves


Your comment is so good and genuine i totally agree with you.1D will win!#1Dwins10s

I'm a directioner forever... 1D will win #1Dwins10's!!

But the mix of dance and music together is is about a band and BTS isn't just some regular dancers..the amount of hardwork they put it in for their fans is huge regardless of how they emerged from a small company..sure you might be sad as BTS has a lot of fans but learn to respect instead of being an imbecile


BTS all the way. They taught me to love myself and accept myself for who I am. They through their songs showed me that I'm not alone.

BTS for sure for they crossed all international barriers, and are appealing to all ages. Their music has social enlightenment. Even though though korean they have left a mark all round the world overcoming language barrier which 1D need not.

One direction deserves❤️❤️


I think BTS will definitely win because we Army qr going to make them win.#Bts forever.


One direction is the best boy band in this world

1D is the best boy band in the world. So what!! If they can't DANCE. Their profession is to sing not to dance.
So 1D all the way. #1DWins10s.

i think bts deserves the award because they worked so hard to get here they are international now and won many awards to get here so they deserve it and they have been working hard from the start not trying to be mean or rude just putting this out there ❤️

One direction is the best......and as you are talking about the hard work , do you think one direction just clapped their hands and reached the top......and as you are talking of awards one direction had won 114 awards already in only 3 years

bangtan seonyeondan.

Always bangtan seonyeondan♥♥♥♡♡♡

Bts is the best

One Direction ❤️

One direction all the way!

ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY!

Ya.. We win ❤️❤️

One direction deservers winning
I love you one direction

of course BTS

BTS Forever, They deserves. Best wishes.

We all know that 1d is the best boy band bts stands no chance how could you compare 1D with these B-boys T- that S-suck

Well haters gonna hate! But BTS is still winning the world with their hardwork and and through their messages.

Yeah... they are winning but 1D had already done it...#onedirection

#btswins10 plzz armys write this in the comment section!!!
We want our boys to win!:)

One direction forever

I love both bands so much, but one direction changed my life. One direction forever.



One direction of course
Cuz "once a directioner ,always a directioner"
We love them...❤❤

Very bad example, it sounds better as once an ARMY always an ARMY!

Maybe, maybe not we are just on different places seeing the same scenery of art, bringing the world together.

It has always been, and it will always be ONE DIRECTION.



BTS all the way

One Direction, always and forever!

One Direction forever and always

One direction

Bts for life <3

One Direction are the best


Always one direction

bts no doubt they deserve

One Direction ❤️ Legends all the way❤️

One Direction ❤️ Legends all the way❤️

One direction for the win

One direction for the win

One Direction all the way

One Direction all the way

I'm a directional so according to me one direction should win

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