Doctor Who Season 14 Ending Explained: How Did Sutkeh Die?

The Fiftneeth Doctor battles Sutkeh in a thrilling season finale, with a hint of more adventures to come in the future

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Doctor Who Season 14 Ending Explained
Doctor Who (PC: YouTube/TRAILER/Doctor Who)

One of the best twists in this series came when Sutkeh revealed that he had been hiding on top of the TARDIS this whole time! From when you ask? Well since the 1975 Tom Baker Episode, ‘Pyramids of Mars’. That’s a long time and Sutkeh finally executes his plan to exterminate all life forms in the Universe. 

Well, Thanos only planned on eliminating half of the life form, Sutkeh had been leaving an incarnation of Susan Triad everywhere the Doctor had landed. This resulted in a dust storm, killing almost every life form in the Universe. Here’s a look at how Doctor along with Ruby Sunday brought an end to the canine’s crusade. 

How was Sutkeh Defeated?

Villains have one folly and that is to reveal their grand scheme of plans too early. The Doctor, Mel, and Ruby manage to escape within a memory TARDIS which was generated by the Time Window. Their only hope is Ruby’s biological mother, but they are not the only ones after her identity.

Doctor Who (PC: YouTube/TRAILER/Doctor Who)

The Doctor realizes that Sutkeh has taken possession of Mel’s Body in an attempt to learn the identity of Ruby’s mother. He uses this opportunity and manages to put a leash on the God of Death. After literally putting a leash on the dog (and channeling his inner vet), Doctor servers Sutkeh from the TARDIS and drops him into the time vortex. 


Before doing that, Doctor and Ruby reverse the effects of the storm dust and resurrect everyone. Unlike Tony Stark, it only cost Sutkeh’s life to bring back everyone. 

Who was Ruby’s Mother?

Ruby finally learns the identity of her mother, Louise Miller, a nurse who became pregnant when she was 15 and abandoned Ruby to protect her from Louise’s abusive stepfather. Louise had no cosmic connections but it connects to the Doctor’s notion that belief can shape reality.

Doctor Who (PC: YouTube/TRAILER/Doctor Who)

Doctor finally bids goodbye to Ruby as he wants her to stay back on Earth and get to know her family. This ends Ruby’s journey in the TARDIS, similar to previous characters who found their purposes in life. 

Sutkeh’s Angels of Death

Who would have thought that Susan Twister was a being created by Sutkeh to leave behind everywhere that the Doctor had landed using the TARDIS? That’s right, every world had its version of Susan Twist which would activate the dust storm upon Sutkeh’s return. The God of Death did have a sort of foolproof plan for annihilation. 


Doctor Who (PC: YouTube/TRAILER/Doctor Who)

All of the Susan Twists became Angels of Death when Sutkeh revealed himself. What’s more interesting is that each of the Susan Twist’ had genuine lives and identities, thanks to the TARDIS’ perception filter being manipulated by Sukteh. 

Who is Mrs. Flood?

Another mystery left unresolved is that she very well could be the antagonist for Season 15 of Doctor Who. In the final moments of the episode, she appears in a white outfit, possibly hinting at being the next big thing in Doctor Who’s adventures.

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