Dolly Parton LAUNCHES her first ever fragrance Scent From Above; Wants fans to feel ‘blessed’ and ‘pretty’

Published on Jul 29, 2021 02:15 AM IST  |  74.3K
Dolly Parton feels that her newly launched scent will transport someone “to a place where everything is possible.”

Dolly Parton has launched her first-ever fragrance, Scent From Above, and a song to commemorate the occasion! The country singer, 75, has also titled the song Scent From Above, calling it an appropriate theme song for her new perfume launch. In a press release, via ET Canada, Parton has stated that she wanted her own brand of perfume ever since she was a little kid.


"Since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of having my own perfume. Now that my dream is coming true, I know it's heaven-sent, " Parton said, adding that she wishes everyone feels at their best and as blessed, and pretty as she does while wearing the fragrance. Wishing her fans well, Parton said that she hoped everyone feels special in their own way whenever they wear Scent From Above. "Scent is everywhere in our lives, leaving powerful impressions and triggered cherished memories," the Jolene singer added.


Dolly's new creation is available in spray rollerball and body cream, along with feature notes of jasmine, vanilla, Mandarin, peony blossom, patchouli, and sandalwood. Speaking of her new creation, she also said that her fragrance should transport the one who wears it, "to a place where everything is possible."


Recently, Dolly Parton had also garnered headlines for recreating her 70s Playboy magazine cover for her husband's 79th birthday. Stating that she took it upon herself to "make him happy" on his birthday, Dolly said that she wants to recreate the look for her husband who loved the original Playboy cover. Parton had appeared in the original cover which was released in 1978.


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