Donald Trump drags John Legend & 'his filthy mouthed wife' in Twitter feud; Chrissy Teigen lashes out

US President Donald Trump called out musician John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on Twitter over the Criminal Justice Reform. The singer and his wife reacted to the lash out.
Donald Trump drags John Legend & 'his filthy mouthed wife' in Twitter feud; Chrissy Teigen lashes outDonald Trump drags John Legend & 'his filthy mouthed wife' in Twitter feud; Chrissy Teigen lashes out
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Donald Trump, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are involved in an unexpected Twitter feud. The US President gave birth to a feud which soon turned nasty a few hours ago when he took to the social media platform and called out the All of Me singer and his wife. POTUS posted a series of tweets to rant about not getting enough credit for passing the criminal justice reform legislation. On one of the several lamenting tweets he posted, he called out Chrissy and John. 

He referred to the time when several people pushed for the Criminal Justice Reform reached out to Trump for help. Explaining how he got it done with a group of Senators, he said, "I SIGNED IT INTO LAW, no one else did, & Republicans deserve much credit. But now that it is passed, people that had virtually nothing to do with it are taking the praise."

Trump then targetted John and Chrissy to tweet, "Guys like boring musician @johnlegend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are talking now about how great it is - but I didn’t see them around when we needed help getting it passed." Soon enough, Chrissy reacted to the call out. Instead of lashing out with frustration, she reacted in true-blue Chrissy style. Warning: The following tweet might not be safe for work. Chrissy wrote, "lol what a pu**y a** b**ch. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president." She did not stop at that. She then shared a picture of herself colouring a blackboard and took some help from Luna to share her thoughts. 

"Luna, remember the night before your first day of school? When mommy was making your sign and the pussy ass bitch president had his 9th meltdown of the day," she tweeted. John too reacted to the call out and wrote, "Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody--ANYBODY--will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you." He added, "Your country needs you, Melania."

John and Chrissy have been open about their opposition towards Trump and his ideologies. The couple has been expressed their disagreements towards Trump's thoughts and ideologies from time to time. What do you think about the ugly Twitter feud between Donald Trump, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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