Dwayne Johnson Birthday: 5 times The Rock gave us EPIC cheat meal ideas

Dwayne Johnson knows how to enjoy his cheat days and hence has the best ideas when it comes to ditching all the healthy snacks and gorging on something fun.
On Dwayne Johnson's birthday, here are his best cheat meals Celebrating Dwayne Johnson's birthday with his best cheat meals
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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock celebrates his birthday on May 2 and as the actor turns 49, we celebrate his brilliant workout regime that comes with a few cheat meal days. The former wrestler is known for his crazy fitness and is known to share tips and tricks to stay in shape every now and then for his fans. The actor's Instagram feed is filled with videos of him working out in the gym and it surely is inspiring for his fans who respect Johnson for his dedication to working out despite having some hectic schedules thanks to his work. 

Johnson is known to star in films that often require him to pull off some crazy action and hence, The Rock is always in shape although, when he enjoys a cheat meal, he does that right too. The actor is known to go all out when it comes to eating stuff that isn't a part of his regular diet and is a complete 'no no' during workouts. The Black Adam star has on several occasions, given us a glimpse of the same, and here's looking at some of his crazy cheat meal ideas. 

What Cheat meal Sunday should look like 



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In one of his Instagram posts, Johnson advised his fans saying, "Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. Make them EPIC - you’ve EARNED them." The actor was seen eating cheeseburgers and fries from a local burger joint in a picture shared along with this perfect Sunday binge post. 

When The Rock said, "Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself"

There's probably no right time for one to enjoy a midnight moment of weakness when it comes to food and hence Johnson's "8 slices of sourdough French toast topped with loads of apple pie" cheat meal in the middle of the night is an absolute winner. It is all about treating ourselves, isn't it? 

The Rock's wholehearted cheat day 

What good is a Sunday if it isn't about eating your favourite food along with some shows/movies to binge on? The Rock too enjoys a similar day off and he showed it off with a post flaunting his elaborate plate of a  Ribeye and loaded baked potato. 

A Midnight sugar train 



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There's nothing more satisfying than enjoying desserts after a hard, long week of workouts. Johnson too agrees with the same and hence, one of his cheat day meals also consisted of double chocolate cookies, a slice of cheesecake, and brownies. 

A platter of Sushi for the night 

It would be any fan's delight to share an amazing platter of Sushi with The Rock, except that one would have to be a fan of Wasabi to enjoy them. The actor revealed his major love for Wasabi in a post full of Sushi rolls as he wrote, "I’m proudly a sadist who enjoys pain" while revealing his love for the pungent flavour. 

We bet if The Rock's workout videos have been a major motivation for you to get fit, these cheat day posts will also give you some good ideas about treating yourself right on those non-workout days.

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