Dynamite Teaser: BTS are in the mood for disco as they share a glimpse of their funky track; Jimin & V shine

Updated on Aug 20, 2020 09:05 AM IST  |  6.4M
Dynamite Teaser: BTS are in the mood for disco as they share a glimpse of their funky track; Jimin & V shine

"Cause I’m gonna fall in love tonight. So baby, let’s free this funk and set the night alight. Jamming through the city with a little funky song, light it up like dynamite," (via ARMY member @doyou_bangtan) croons BTS in the Dynamite Teaser, which came out last night at 8:30 pm IST and 12 am KST. ARMY was gearing up for the teaser to come out ever since BTS announced their new single and as expected, it was nothing short of fireworks.

Before we get to the video, let's congratulate ARMY for beating BTS' own record for the most viewed MV teaser in under 24 hours. The record was held by last year's Boy With Luv Teaser (16,179,905 views in 24 hours). Dynamite Teaser was able to cross that in nine hours and 30 minutes and currently stands at 17,631,654 views in 10 hours which is at the time of writing this article. We wouldn't expect anything less from ARMY and can only imagine what record the actual MV will break and set.

Now, let's get straight to the video. At first glance, blaring through is the DISCO sign under which our boys are at the funky best going through different music eras - from a Beatles poster to imitating Michael Jackson's iconic moves to even dressing up like the Backstreet Boys would from the 90s. It's indeed a very retro, fresh vibe that BTS were teasing Dynamite to be when they first announced the song during an OT7 V Live session. Also, most of the members were dripping in Gucci as we couldn't get over Jimin's bomber jacket and V's emerald green two-piece suit. RM's monochrome star patterned shirt, Jin's polka dot printed shirt, Suga's woollen jacket, J-Hope's red leather shirt and Jungkook's plaid jacket was a wonderful match of colours, patterns and prints complementing the music video's theme.

Check out BTS' Dynamite Teaser below:

Are we ready to light it up like dynamite?! Oh, hell yeah!

What was your favourite moment from BTS' Dynamite Teaser? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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During the OT7 Live, Hobi had revealed Dynamite to be, "The song is upbeat and sung in English, just like Mic Drop and Waste It on Me," to which Taehyung had added, "We tried recording a guide and decided that the English lyrics give a better vibe. It’s new and refreshing. So, we said we’ll stick to making this an English track."

ChimChim explained, "Yeah, things are rough around the country right now. We believe that this song will bring some energy to the listeners though. To be honest, we also felt kind of helpless and void after a lot of our plans unexpected fell apart. And we thought everyone else must feel the same. So we wanted to find a way to breakthrough this all. We said, 'How about we try something completely new?' That’s how this single came about."

As for the remaining Dynamite schedule, the new single along with the official MV drops on August 21 at 1 am KST before which there will be the traditional Countdown Live with BTS on YouTube at 12:30 pm KST. Moreover, once the song is out at 7 pm KST, the boys will have the Comeback Spot Live on V Live. To promote their new single, BTS will be interviewed by MTV Fresh out Live on August 22 at 6 am KST and NBC TODAY Show on August 24 at 9 pm KST. Moreover, a second MV [B-side] will be out on August 25 at 12 am.

BTS will also be performing Dynamite at the VMAs 2020 on August 31 at 9 am KST, which is the first time for the septet at the award ceremony. The boys are also nominated for three VMAs: Best Pop, Best Choreography and Best K-pop for Map of the Soul: 7's lead single On.

For now, we have In the SOOP BTS ver. to look forward to as the first episode will be made available today on Weverse at 8:30 pm. In the new variety show, we will see BTS going on a healing trip into the woods where they reconnect with themselves and as a septet while indulging in different hobbies like fishing and painting.


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