Ed Sheeran reveals Courteney Cox is one of the background vocalists in his song Visiting Hours

Published on Sep 14, 2021 12:04 AM IST  |  41.3K
Ed Sheeran has revealed that Courteney Cox is one of the singers in Visiting Hours.

Ed Sheeran has recently revealed that Friends alum Courteney Cox is one of the background vocalists in his latest song Visiting Hours. The singer has also stated that the actress might have been in his album Divide as well. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight during MTV VMAs 2021 red carpet, Sheeran said that he is pretty sure Cox sings!

“She sings. I’m pretty sure she sings on background vocals on the album,” Sheeran said, adding that Cox might have been on ‘Visiting Hours’ which the Shape of You singer released 3 weeks ago. “If not, she was definitely on [my last album] Divide somewhere,” Sheeran noted. Now, Friends fans cannot keep calm as Sheeran has revealed that not Phoebe, but Monica turns out to be the ultimate singer, having collaborated with an artist like Ed Sheeran.

Later, Sheeran opens up on his friendship with Courteney’s boyfriend Johnny McDaid who has worked as a co-writer in songs including Shape of You, and Bad Habits. “Well, my producer and songwriter Johnny [McDaid] is dating her,” Sheeran said. Me and Johnny write most, like we wrote, ‘Shape of You’ together. We wrote ‘Bad Habits’ together. We work together a lot,” he revealed.

This isn’t the first time that Sheeran has reacted to his friendship with Shining Vale’s Courteney Cox. Taking to Instagram, Cox has posted a hilarious video of the two of them trying out Ross and Monica’s iconic ‘routine’ from Friends, in which Cox played Monica’s part and Sheeran got to take up Ross’ dance steps. The two were definitely having the time of their lives while filming the video.

The two have also posted many covers of them jamming together in which Sheeran can be seen playing his iconic guitar while Cox plays the keyboard. One time, the two of them jammed on Tony Danza with none other than Elton John himself.

In other news, Sheeran’s new album Equals (=) will be out on October 29.

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