Edge on being a part of Wrestlemania 36 amidst the coronavirus scare: To me, it's not a money thing

Updated on Apr 06, 2020 04:57 AM IST  |  542.1K
Edge will take on Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 36 Part 2.
Edge will take on Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 36 Part 2.

It's been a tough few weeks for everyone around the world, in regard to the coronavirus scare that has secluded us to the confines of our home. At times like these, the WWE Universe is still getting entertained, thanks to WWE's recorded tapings of RAW, SmackDown and NXT. Furthermore, instead of cancelling or delaying Wrestlemania 36, WWE decided to take a unique approach towards The Show of Shows and divided the PPV into two days, with several locations in place. Amongst the most exciting matches in the Wrestlemania 36 lineup is the returning Edge seeking revenge from his former Rated RKO tag team partner Randy Orton.

Many questioned WWE's decision to go ahead with Wrestlemania 36 but Edge, in particular, defended the choice made by the wrestling company. "In today's climate, you're never going to appease everyone. You just need to accept that and need to understand that. Here's how I look at things. Right now, The world is on its end and in times like this, I truly feel the world needs those things to help. It needs entertainment. It needs books. It needs something," Edge shared and added, "Here's how I've always looked at this job. This job, my responsibility is to help you forget about your responsibilities for two or three hours a day or during that show. That is a huge responsibility. It's a privilege and I don't look past it. I didn't have it for nine years. Now I come back and the gravity of that responsibility is not lost on me. Sure, it's entertainment. Yes, we're jumping around in tights, but in a time like this, it's very, very important, I truly believe that."

When it comes to the COVID-19 precautions taken by the 46-year-old wrestler, Edge revealed, "Now, at the same time, I'm trying to be as absolutely responsible as I can to mitigate as much risk as I can. I'm a dad. I have a mother-in-law who had open-heart surgery a year ago. I need to be careful. So that's why I'm going to ride on my pickup truck and I drove. All I had to do was get out and get gas. I brought a cooler full of my own food prepared by myself. I stayed at my condo in Orlando. I didn't stay in a hotel. I'm trying to do what I can on my end to still be socially responsible, but at the same time try and give some kind of break from what everyone is going through and we're all going through it. And I'd like to think that there are enough people out there that understand and appreciate what we're trying to do."

"To me, it's not a money thing, I have a job. I've signed a contract, I work for a company. If I worked for a company, any company, let alone the company that put me on the map and gave me every opportunity in the world, I'm going to be there for work. I will also do what I can to be responsible for my family. And I truly think right now, almost more than any other time, it's important for a company like us to do what we do as, as long as we continue to do what we've been doing, and that's try and remain as responsible as we can to do it," Edge added.

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