Elton John gives a 'lyrical' seal of approval to BTS' sweet ode to the iconic musician in Permission to Dance

Updated on Jul 12, 2021 05:55 PM IST  |  239.3K
BTS ARMY showered Elton John with purple love for sharing his appreciation towards BTS' latest song Permission to Dance.

"When it all seems like it's wrong / Just sing along to Elton John / And to that feeling, we're just getting started." - RM's soothing introductory verse proudly name drops the iconic 74-year-old musician in BTS' latest song Permission to Dance, which released on ARMY Day, i.e. July 9. After Michael Jackson in Dynamite and Usher in Butter, it was the Grammy-winning singer's turn to receive a grand ode from the Bangtan Boys.

Giving a 'lyrical' seal of approval on Twitter, in true Elton John style, the Tiny Dancer singer tweeted his own version of Permission to Dance, a feel-good, peppy dance track. "When it all seems like it's right, I sing along to @bts_bighit #PermissionToDance" This is indeed some major appreciation coming from the music legend, directed at the popular South Korean boy band, who continue to take over the globe with their undeniable talent. BTS even humbly retweeted Elton's kind words (the tweet has already accumulated a staggering 799k likes so far) to them.

Showing their appreciation to Elton for his epic tweet for BTS' Permission to Dance was BTS ARMY, who flooded the reply section with purple love. @cidorta tweeted, "Aww Sir Elton. I grew up listening to all your songs.  Seeing your post touch my heart as love seeing artists that I admire also expressing respect to BTS , a group that I believe are amazing artists bc they truly love and respect the art of music. Sir have a great day." while @bearheart2015 wrote, "Sir Elton, you are one of the greatest singer songwriter performers in history!!! Every single song of yours is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for supporting our kind humble talented boys!! (ps...I’m Still Standing is my all time favorite of yours!) You're Amazing!!!"

@starshi82168233 couldn't help but quip, "Just don't loop and add 2-3 fillers when you stream bestie," along with a Jimin meme, which says, "Your mind, it amazes me," while @BEeinsteinium tweeted, "Not people in the comments telling him not to loop the song, streaming and remember to add 2-3 fillers in between. Oh and also with streaming guides attached. We really are something else ARMYs."

Check out Elton John's lovely tweet giving a 'lyrical' thumbs up to BTS' happy Permission to Dance ode to him below:

We're loving this Elton John x BTS crossover!

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Meanwhile, BTS' vibrant wild west, post COVID-19 pandemic themed Permission to Dance MV has already long past crossed the 100 million views (and counting) mark.