Emily Ratajkowski finds Pete Davidson 'attractive' amid dating rumours with Kim Kardashian, here's why

Updated on Nov 11, 2021 11:50 AM IST  |  193K
Emily Ratajkowski Pete Davidson
Emily Ratajkowski reveals why she finds Pete Davidson 'attractive.'

Emily Ratajkowski didn't beat around the bush when she was asked about her opinions on Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian dating rumours. During her appearance at Seth Meyers' Late Night Show, Ratajkowski gushed about Pete Davidson's 'height' and praised him for being 'charming' and 'professional.'

While weighing in on the Saturday Night Live comedian's appeal, Ratajkowski said that the one thing everyone should know about Pete is that "he is a professional." Opening up further, she said, "He’s got the height...Obviously women find him very attractive.” The supermodel also called the SNL star "charming." “He’s vulnerable. He’s lovely. His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good!” she revealed, adding that Davidson also shares a “super great relationship with his mom."

For those unversed, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson rumours have surfaced online after the two stars were spotted holding hands while riding a roller coaster at a theme park. According to several reports, the two also went out on two dates and have been having fun hanging out with each other.

Davidson had also appeared at Seth Meyers' Late Night Show where he was asked about being in the headlines quite often these days. Dodging the question, Davidson went ahead to chat about his professional career and a new Tubi show The Freak Brothers, but hinted at the rumours being "true." He said that people have been whispering and making eyes at him lately, and suddenly changed the topic to his new show. "I do have a show on Tubi coming out. The Tubi. A lot of people are shocked that I could get on a show like Tubi, but it’s a real thing," Davidson said.

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