Emma Stone Birthday Special: Check out the 5 remarkable movies of the Golden Globe Award winner

La La Land actor Emma stone celebrates her birthday today, i.e. November 6. Check out the top 5 movies of the star.
Emma Stone’s top 5 movies.Emma Stone’s top 5 movies.
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Emma Stone is one of the best actors Hollywood has produced. Her real name is Emily Jean Stone and Emma Stone is her stage name. She changed her name when she registered for the Screen Actors Guild because the name Emily Stone was already taken. She decided to go with Riley Stone initially, but after she guest starred on a show and fans were cheering for her, she didn’t feel like the name suited her. So, it was then she decided to change it to Emma as it is also close from the name Emily and in honor of Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls. 

Today is Emma Stone’s 31st birthday. She started her career in 2004 when she was 15. Stone has done remarkable roles in her acting career. The New Partridge Family was her first acting gig for TV, while she did her first movie Superbad in 2007. It was 2009 when Stone did three movies in a year. She was also featured in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World in 2009. 

Check out Emma Stone’s top 5 movies.

1] La La Land


This is one of the best movies Stone has acted in. The movie grossed USD 446 million worldwide against a production budget of USD 30 million. The movie starred Ryan Gosling in the lead role alongside Emma Stone. They have co-starred in two other movies as well. Emma received the BAFTA and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress that year along with the Academy Award. 

2] Crazy, Stupid, Love

The movie earned over USD 142 million against its USD 50 million budget. Stone won several awards for this role too. She was 20 when she was filming this movie. She had so much anxiety while shooting the movie that she has not even seen the movie.

3] Easy A

This is another movie that is a milestone in Emma Stone's career. The movie earned USD 75 million worldwide, against USD 8 million budget. This movie is actually her first lead role movie. Easy A can be considered as Stone’s breakthrough movie. 

4] The Amazing Spider-Man



In an interview to Vancouver Sun, Emma admitted that she had not read the Spiderman comics. The film went on to become a commercial success with Emma been regarded as absolutely amazing in the movie. This movie earned around USD 757 million worldwide.

5] Zombieland 

Zombieland which released in 2009 was a critical and commercial success, grossing more than USD 60.8 million in 17 days. The film stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin as the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The sequel of this movie was released last month.

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