Emma Stone says Leonardo DiCaprio 'was the love of my life'; Recalls most surreal moment during her Oscar win

Updated on May 19, 2021 04:49 PM IST  |  383.5K
Emma Stone gushed that Leonardo DiCaprio is "very sweet," "very tall" and "so lovely."

During a recent appearance on Sirius XM's The Jess Cagle Show, new mom Emma Stone promoted her upcoming release Cruella. Moreover, during the candid conversation, Emma was asked about her memory of winning the Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar for La La Land at the 89th Academy Awards. Besides the fact that she won her first-ever Academy Award, Stone recalled how it was the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio presented the Oscar to her which made it "officially the most surreal moment" of her life.

"Leonardo DiCaprio. That was what was going through my mind cause it was him. And I was like, I'd seen Titanic seven and a half times in theatres. He was the love of my life. I had a picture of him in my bedroom that was signed, that I had gotten for my birthday when I was like 12 years old and I was walking to Leo and I was like, this is officially the most surreal moment of my life," the 32-year-old actress fondly recalled, via Just Jared.

Emma couldn't believe it, quipping that she felt Leonardo probably thought she's "a little weird" because whenever she encounters the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star, she's kind of like, 'Hey, how's it going?' during "little moments either at the same event or something." Stone noted that DiCaprio is "very sweet though," while acknowledging how it was truly the "craziest experience" because of the fact that it was Leonardo who gave her, her first Oscar.

Talking more about DiCaprio's charming personality, Emma gushed, "He's very tall. And he's so lovely, but you know, it's, it's kind of unfair because it's something that I don't, I don't really believe in that much. The idea that you like term real people into, like this other idea that's always been so, so odd to me in my own experience. Like, it just feels so weird." Hence, the fact that she was doing that to him felt "not really fair" since he was "real person" but still, Stone sits there going like, 'Hi, Leo!' In her head, she's still 12 years old.

"It was the fact that it was someone that I had grown up watching and that I admired so much. And like as an actor, I think he's fantastic. And I'd watched him in everything. And then that moment where it's like kind of a, it's just a, such a surreal moment as an actor anyway," Emma added before concluding, "So it just compounded it. And I don't know, it's, it still feels like it, it didn’t really, occur because, because it was him there."

Now that's a fairytale-like celebrity encounter, wouldn't you agree?!

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