'Emotionally intelligent, with a low ego': Kate Middleton and Prince William in search of CEO to handle household affairs

Kate Middleton and Prince William are in the middle of trying to find a CEO for their household, as the latter makes a trip to North America. Here's what it takes to be a CEO of a royal palace.

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Key Highlight
  • Prince William-Kate Middleton are looking for CEO to help them get their household affairs in order
  • The job listing calls for an ego-less person with humility and integrity to apply for the position

Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking for a CEO for their household and the list of what qualifies one for this job, is long. While the Prince is in the United States for business reasons, back home he and Middleton seem to be in need of a household head, who can take care of the day-to-day affairs of Kensington Palace affairs, and its staff. Keep scrolling to see what the job listing for the position said. 

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Job listing for CEO for Kate Middleton and Prince William's palace

The job listing was posted on a recruitment agency's website called Odgers Berndtson. It read, "This is a unique opportunity to join the dedicated team at Kensington Palace who support the outstanding work of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince and Princess of Wales." The listing confirmed that the person who will recruited is going to be reporting to the royal couple themselves. "The CEO is the most senior and accountable leader for the Household, reporting directly to TRHs, The Prince and Princess of Wales."

It went on to say that the chosen one will be "responsible for the development and implementation of TRH’s long-term strategy," and help continue "to strengthen a professional and collaborative Household culture." While talking about the qualities required from a candidate, it stated that they needed to "bring a track record of strategic and cultural leadership in complex, fast-paced settings, and the ability to demonstrate core values of discretion, humility, integrity, and diplomacy, at the heart of this distinctive working environment."


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Kate Middleton (Getty Images)

Prince William and Kate Middle's marriage has become stronger

This has been a hectic year for the couple without question. The couple trying to hire a CEO to run their palace might be a sign of that as well. But apparently, the couple doesn't mind the extra responsibility that has befallen them after late Queen Elizabeth's passing. A palace insider told to Us Magazine, "William and Kate are more in sync than ever. They cherish what they have with each other. For them, family comes first, and it always will." The source admitted that the couple knows it's been a "tough year" but that the Prince and Princess of Wales don't mind as they want to take the "royal family into a more modern direction."

Meanwhile, the two are engaged in their own responsibilities for now, as the future king of England has made his way to North America, and Middleton stayed behind in the UK, to look after her own duties.

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What is Kate Middleton's government name?
Her legal name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Does Kate Middleton have a job?
She works as a philanthropist

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